Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve Ramblings

Can't believe it's New Year's Eve... Angeni is still recovering from pneumonia, although a second trip to our own doctor provided her with the medicine she needs this time... I've got laryingitis brewing, which gives Brian fodder for all kinds of jokes... Shamanic Mime school anyone?

What a year... Saddam has been executed, James Brown passes from pneumonia, the Kyoto accord is butchered by Harper - I'm surprised he's lasted this long, frankly... The war in Iraq is a rerun of Viet Nam... More aboriginal communities are without potable drinking water (always under "study"). Polar bears near extinction. This is enough of the bad stuff... I'll mull over the good stuff and figure out what is good in the world. Help me out here... Pooky made it through Christmas and New Years - not a huge thing for the big world, but helpful in my world. I'll come up with more good stuff...

Normally I'm fairly aware of musical gossip, but when looking up some information on a favourite singer, Dusty Springfield, I was saddened to learn she died (on my birthday) in 1999 of breast cancer. I'm surprised I didn't hear that either through the news or the spirit net. Wow. She was only 59 years old.

I don't make New Years resolutions - that's a recipe for disaster. I like to focus on the good things I've done in the past year, and brain storm how to accelerate the accomplishments, if I can... One area is cooking. I'm getting more stamina for, and interest in, home cooking for the family. I always baked and experimented, but when Angeni came along, her tolerance factors for adult fare really diminished what I cooked. Eating out was also a temporary lure... Not healthy stuff. Then, because of the Food Network, I got some interest in native cooking, and pulled together all my original notebooks from when I studied midewiwin in the 1980's, various grandmother and mother's recipes and began in intensive comparison of cooking from the 1920's through the 1960's and how that compared/contrasted to native cooking. On my back burner is a book on native recipes that enhance healing, through what we call the "Ancestors Diet". That is something I feel passionate about completing in the new year, if I can.

Must go buy some toothbrushes, this New Year's Eve - long story. Blessed New Year to all...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas once and again...

We got through our Christmas almost unscathed... the one thing Angeni didn't bargain for was the gift of pneumonia, but there you have it. It meant a trip to the hospital early on Boxing Day. Mind you, that was AFTER a 7 AM jaunt into Zellers in Hanover to get her much-desired game boy. She pooled her Christmas money and earnings to have this, which was successful for her.

Anyway, despite my loathing of Boxing Day materialistic scavenging, we found ourselves back in Hanover, prescription in hand, needing to fight the crowds for the luxury of dealing with the pharmacist. I am grateful there was a pharmacy open. We did find a couple of small things to buy on sale, specifically laundry soap for sensitive skin - that was enough. Two trips to Hanover and one trip to Durham later, we were home before noon.

The new Game Boy was small comfort because being sick, Angeni couldn't visit her godmother in Toronto (originally scheduled from today until Friday). Although Angeni is acclimating well to this new antibiotic, there could always be a reaction and not the thing to saddle Kaaren with... so sadly she has to wait for another school break. Kaaren has enough to handle right now with Kathleen's back being on the outs.

We're all tired. Today we're seeing clients and it is back in the saddle for a couple of days. From there the phone is off the hook and we are doing nothing until after January 2nd. Angeni is home until the 8th and needs our time and attention, and we need to just crash a bit.

My blessings to everyone for a safe and wonderful New Year 2007. I'll post some things to watch out for (in a good way!) in my next posting.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wrestling in Varney

So what ever happened to Saturday afternoon wrestling? I'm forced to watch Food Network. Right - wrasslin' with clams on Ricardo's show.

I made the party food, wrapped the gifts, and sent Brian and Angeni off to visit his family... I am home with my dogs, cats, chickens, equines and various spooks, having a much more reasonable day. There are still cookies and mincemeat to bake but I can flow with my afternoon... laundry has happened and dishes are caught up, so all is well. No in-laws for me this year... With a few hours to myself I will wrap Brian's presents allowing me to put all that stuff away. Last year he and I were wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve. We're ahead of schedule this year.

We are having a collective family nap, momentarily... once the laundry is transferred. I can dream about wrestling shows of the past.... ZZZZZZZ

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Ponderings

It's Friday night... I'm not out dancing or yucking it up at a club... I'm at home cooking for a family gathering tomorrow... I'm cooking things one usually doesn't bring to a "Christmas" dinner, but I'm just the obedient guest... Could be the steam from the dryer, the boiling pasta, the dishwasher or my brain overloading, but a few thoughts have surfaced...
  1. Why does my elderly dog go out of her way to pee on the hardwood floor over all the other (less easy to damage) surfaces? Does hardwood make her think she's peeing on some tree somewhere? Memories?
  2. Why is my other dog Max suddenly afraid of a 2-foot-tall plush penguin? This is after a week of it sitting there... is it possessed or something?
  3. Why is it so hard to get kids in the shower or bath, and once you battle them in there, you can't get them to come out?
  4. Why do I care about the size of the veggies I've diced for pasta salad? Is it a contest?
It's official - I have Holiday-Stupidity-Stress. I've been working for years on trying to avoid burnout from people-pleasing. Ministers are supposed to keep people happy, but it is at the expense of my own sanity at times. So, I quit. No more cooking tonight. I'll measure the carrots tomorrow. Maybe... probably... might not even go to the damn function, but Brian will... okay, enough.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Yes, I celebrate Christmas... I get that question a lot. I was raised in a Presbyterian Church, then transferred to the Spiritualist Church (where I became a licensed ordained minister), and have since transferred to the new entity - Wolfe Island Aboriginal Interfaith. A sister-in-law felt I couldn't be a "real" minister because we didn't have a building. Hmmm. A church to me, is the body of people of like-minded belief, rather than a fancy building to celebrate those beliefs. It wouldn't matter if we did have a building, that sister-in-law doesn't believe anyone outside the Baptist tradition is legitimate anyway. So racism exists within our own family.

Being now an interfaith minister, who specializes in native traditions, I get to participate in lots of mind-expanding experiences, and not just Christian ones... I have Baha'i friends, Buddhists, Jewish, one Muslim, Zoroastrian, Jainists, neo-pagans, Paleo-pagans and Spiritualists- among many, many others. I'd love to use my interfaith status to celebrate them all, but not without honest study and the integrity of active participation.... No, I'm a native specialist, and as such do the solstice/New Years things, and honour the special traditions of Christmas with my blended family.

A holiday bug? Don't mess with Christmas trees... leave them be. Our various holiday traditions overlap now, so they mean lots of things to lots of different people. A holiday temptation? Shortbread. Egad, I love shortbread. I love it so much that except for our gathering this year, I haven't made it in 20+ years because I would eat it. And I love exchanging presents....

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weird and funky...

I was unsuccessful with my OAC grant, but I have an opportunity to review it with the co-ordinator and try for the next deadline in February, if I decide to put myself through that again... A disappointment, to be sure. But the upside is my gallery show, and I'll keep on truckin' once I get my Bernina fixed....

I read an article about how people under 30 socialize, and basically many of them use MySpace to share information, blog and network. This was not my kind of format, but a community of people I communicate with had the main website go down, and we all got redirected to MySpace. I struggled my way through the set-up, but I see myself removing the site when the community I belong to goes back to the regular format. On MySpace I feel like an old fish out of water... I'm functioning under a nom-de-plume, for safety sake.

Up to my ass (and I don't mean Jujube) in Christmas prep... trying to get family gift baskets done, remember the teacher, bus driver, and whoever else, perhaps the postman. To add to the pressure we went into the school for a morning assembly where Angeni introduced her class in French, and they proceeded to do a dance with pig masks on. It was a lengthy assembly, and the little ones are getting antsy - lots of kids pulled to the side, and tears over being kicked, and whatever they do to each other instead of paying attention. It was a struggle to get there for 9 AM, with the morning barn chores, but we did, and I'm glad. Having video of Angeni dancing in a pig mask has to be worth some potential blackmail when she's about ... hmmm... 15?

I'm enjoying my Tuesday night ghost shows, so better get back to that... spooks don't wait!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Fabulous Solstice

I always fuss about solstice ahead of time... days ahead of time... whether the house is clean enough, if there will be enough people to bother, if we should go out and buy more food, etc. Seems to me that interest in winter gatherings has diminished, even though global warming has made the drive a lot easier to our place.

Nonetheless, solstice came, and although we entertained only 9 guests this year (a record low) it was one of the nicest, most intimate gatherings so far. The gifting tradition of passing something on that you need to move along, worked really well. We feasted. This year I baked pumpkin pies, mincemeat tarts, and shortbread. It was a nice balanced feast.

To recap some of the solar/lunar happenings:

1. Solstice is the time of longest dark, and traditional New Years for aboriginal people, when shamans meet with the ancestors. Our ancestors are the star people, and we light trees, as stars are seen as lights through trees. Technically this occurs on Thursday Dec. 21st @ 7:22 PM, so you have time between now and then to prepare your gifts for the ancestors, and to reflect on your prayers and questions – a wonderful night to channel. Solstice means “sun standing still” and it appears to do so for about 9 days – 4 days on either side of solstice. We typically only see the days getting longer on the 25th – this was a reason for both the Roman and Christian holidays to be celebrated then… In pre-historic times, winter was a very difficult time for Aboriginal people in the northern latitudes. The growing season had long ended and the tribe had to live off of stored food and whatever animals they could catch. The people would be troubled as the life-giving sun sank lower in the sky each noon. They feared that it would eventually disappear and leave them in permanent darkness and extreme cold. After the winter solstice, they would have reason to celebrate as they saw the sun rising and strengthening once more. Although many months of cold weather remained before spring, they took heart that the return of the warm season was inevitable. The concept of birth and or death/rebirth became associated with the winter solstice. Aboriginal people had no elaborate instruments to detect the solstice, but they were able to notice a slight elevation of the sun's path within a few days after the solstice -- DEC-25th.

2. The 20th is also new moon, when the moon is furthest away from the earth, and the lack of pull allows us to journey with this grandmother – how wonderful is this opportunity.

3. We celebrated the beginning of this 13th moon cycle, the grandmother “Becomes Her Vision” on Nov. 20th. We don’t always have a 13th moon, due to the erratic nature of precession, and the shifting orbits and magnetic pulls.

4. As for perihelion, this is the point where the earth is closest to the sun. This year it occurs on Jan. 3rd, 2007. On an interesting note, it happens to also be full moon on Jan. 3rd – and the name of this moon historically was Full Wolf Moon. It will be a night to howl, and NOT a night to drink alcohol.

5. We have “beware the pogonip” on the 22nd – the time of freezing fog.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gay Marriage

I'm glad parliament recently voted not to reopen the rights of homosexuals to marry... hopefully now Stephen Harper can keep his personal beliefs out of the bedrooms of the nation. I have been asked whether we here at Wolfe Island Aboriginal Interfaith Church perform gay marriages - and the answer is "Always have and always will." To conform with the new law a lot of church leaders have been told that it is up to their personal comfort level as to whether they will perform gay marriages or not... as long as someone in a particular gay-positive denomination does it, so the church isn't sued. Of course, there are always some faith groups that will never perform gay marriage, and that is their choice, but if forces adherents to find another clergy of a different faith, or have a civil service performed.

One of my first weddings was indeed a union for two women, although in those days it could only be considered a "Commitment Ceremony". Had they approached me after the laws changed, we wouldn't have had to perform the public ceremony all over again, because the witnesses would affirm that this couple did indeed wed on a New Year's Eve back in '94. It was in a lesbian club in Kitchener - everyone there seemed to have a wonderful experience.

So why do I embrace gay marriage? Simple - I have a humanist approach to the concept of legal rights to marry. Marriage is a commitment between two people, no matter what their gender or sexual preference. Historically native people have always embraced the "twin spirited" people in their community. Being an interfaith minister I will always support this perspective on marriage. Where I draw the line is around marriage for people in the BDSM community who insist on having the marriage done in harnesses and garb that suggests one partner is submitting - I will only marry people who approach the process as equals. That's my comfort level. Come to me as equals, and I'm happy to do the ceremony.

It's fun to talk about art shows one day, illness the next, politics a third day and nonsense on the 4th - freedom of speech. Ain't blogs grand???

Friday, December 15, 2006

Wonderful Showing, Fabulous Venue

Wow, just got back from Toronto an hour ago, and updating everything - over 150 emails arrived in the 30 hours I was away - I think that is a record of sorts. "It's Not a Deli Gallery" is an awesome, grassroots gallery in the heart of Queen St. and sits 2 doors down from the new OCC guild shop outlet on Queen. I suspect I'll be back there many times to visit Eduardo. Probably 60 people arrived for the opening night, and it was splendid to talk and share with all the artists I connected to... it was nice of Robert to make his way downtown to spend time with Kaaren and I at the gallery.

It was a long drive, late night, and short sleep. I'm glad to be home to hit the sheets early tonight. Tomorrow we take Angeni to a birthday party, and while she is away we'll do some grocery shopping. The rest of this week is devoted to prepping for Christmas and cooking. We now have several people joining us for Christmas Day dinner. I love to celebrate that way...

With solstice appearing to bring a small intimate gathering on Sunday, I look forward to my official duties giving way to some family time and reflection. I'm tired...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And the Beat Goes On...

The sum effect of all the viruses in this household has been a case of benign postitional vertigo... I get dizzy when I move my head into certain positions... I get dizzy bending over... there is nausea and headache. I'm hoping with time and patience this goes away soon...

Our anniversary on Saturday was quiet... My husband got me a planter of lovely red miniature roses - my fave - and we had a quiet dinner in our pj's in front of the television. I also received a nice ring, but found I have lost my heart necklace he gave me 10 years ago. I have been devastated the last few days, rummaging about looking for where it might have fallen. This necklace was one of the few things I really treasured, and only wore it "for good". It's loss has distracted me from my preparations for Toronto. I've asked the angels for help on this one, and hopefully they can super-sleuth for me...

On Sunday Brian and I canned some cranberry sauce and blueberry jam for our seasonal holiday baskets. Normally I do canning alone, but with Angeni away, Brian was able to help me, and I enjoyed that immensely... We made a chocolate/strawberry/shortbread pie and a rustic Italian deep-dish pizza... I miss being able to have days like that - they are few and far between. I've felt the urge to cook for Christmas and look forward to some serious cookie baking next week.

Tonight was Angeni's Christmas concert for the primary division of Normanby School. She got all dressed up in a red holiday sweater - complete with miraboo feather collar - and black velvet pants. The 6 grade 3's from her split grade class did a bell-ringing version of "We Wish you a Merry Christmas". The virus-induced headache almost kept me from attending, but how could I miss that performance?

One more day of prepping and packing and I'm off to the Big Smoke (Toronto). Angeni has been invited to a neighbour child's birthday party for Saturday afternoon, so my Toronto trip is cut short - I'll be returning Friday afternoon instead of Saturday... I now have the pressure of finding a suitable birthday gift before I leave because there won't be time on Friday night. Anyway, the 2 quilts are almost prepped (one needs a hanging sleeve) and my magical carpenter has crafted two silver-painted hanging dowels. I am struggling with what one wears to a gallery exhibit opening, as one of the artists. This is a first for me to be able to attend the official opening. I have some minor signage to create, and a gift basket to finish. Lots to do in a 24 hour period.

One thing I won't be wearing is my anniversary heart - and I'm sad. I'm not one to mourn the loss of material things, but this one thing is bothering me... I'm hoping the angelic super sleuths work miracles for me!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ah, the Anniversary Waltz

For whatever dark shadowy reason, Brian and I have never made it out to a fancy restaurant for our anniversary... we were either too strapped for cash, working, or had a small child with no childcare... This year we were going to do it right - we have childcare, and Brian was going to make the reservation about 3 weeks ago. He forgot until yesterday, and of course, the only fancy restaurant around is booked solid because of corporate Christmas functions. We were even going to dress up (almost unbelievable). He's got a nice gift, might spring for flowers, but is really very sick with a cold... So with no restaurant dinner plans, but with childcare, we're going to do a dinner here... I've decided I'd like to do the Christmas baking together with him for our time together. It's anniversary #11, and last year's day sucked - Brian broke his ankle, we had to euthanize our cat, and the best dinner we could muster was Chinese food - eaten with a heavily grieving child, and parents who were not too far behind her, emotionally.

Here's hoping he's not too sick for our big day on Saturday...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Show Amendment

Due to a mix-up with the gallery, the textile show is now moved ahead by a week... Here is the info:

The gallery is called "It's Not a Deli Art Gallery" and is at 986 Queen Street West. This is a few doors east of Ossington on the north side. Phone number 416-532-4748. Name of the curator is Eduardo DelaForesta. The opening is at 8:00 PM on Thursday Dec. 14th... due to the distance I'm travelling, my stuff isn't being installed until that date, whereas the other artists will be installed on Dec. 9th.

Put on your party clothes and mingle with us!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Robbie Robertson

We watched a Biography channel retrospective with Robbie Robertson being interviewed by a music anthropologist from (I believe) York University. Interesting show, but lacked the depth I'd hoped to experience - I was hoping for some personal sharing. I'm a rabid fan of Robbie's because of his daring exposure of Native Music - the underground rhythms and subcultural contexts have been missing from world music. He has pushed to modernize our music, and not keep it in the past... for this I am grateful. While his work with "The Band" was seminal, his native music has been so much more... I'd love to meet Robbie some day...

It's been a quiet few days... our meet-the-teacher interview was on Friday, and this went better than I expected. Angeni is a bright, advanced child, but perceives herself differently, so she was nervous. Brian has been ill with the same cold I battled 6 weeks ago. I still have the trapezius muscle neuralgia, causing visual disturbances, dizziness and nausea, although this is hopefully abating. Thankfully Angeni is fine... She attended a Santa Claus make-and-take yesterday and had a visit with Santa, so she feels in the Christmas spirit. I still can't believe all my shopping is done - except for a can of Spam. A certain friend of mine receives a can of Spam every year in her stocking... I send it one holiday, and throughout the year we give it back and forth until the dogs or cats get it. A peccadillo of strange proportions, and it's only funny to us.

Although the shopping is done, the Christmas sewing isn't - I have six placemats and a table runner to do, along with a bathroom valance and dust curtain. With my show just next week, I am stalling off the sewing until I return from Toronto - the earliest I can do sewing will be a week from today. I also have a Metis ceremonial shirt to finish, as the sleeves were too short for my friend Robert. I'm scrambling to find the right material for the plaquets, and perhaps this will happen in Toronto next week.

I have a pot roast cooking, the dishes and laundry are done for the day, the house is fairly tidy, and the fire is roaring - important to keep the house warm on this blustery day... I was pleased to see my calendula bloomed right up until Dec. 1st, as did the outdoor cauldron full of violas. I hate to see them die, but it is the season for change.

Must tend to the fire and make some lunch for the gang...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well, the viruses love me...

Ir's nice to be popular... this virus leaves me slouched like Quasimodo, neck and shoulders in spasm, and unable to look in any direction without nausea and dizziness. This has been going on about 2 weeks, so I hope it departs for warmer climates any day now... Brian is sick with a cold, and Angeni is complaining about an earache... These are all viruses that seem to love the Lovelady's. Like that distant relative that's overstayed their welcome, these can shove off anytime...

Today I finished an article for an anthology, and shipped it off a mere day ahead of the final deadline. It is an aboriginal anthology based on life in the Guelph/K-W/Cambridge area. I understand the Ontario Arts Council is involved, so I hope it turns out well for all participants.

We are working with Angeni on cleaning up her room for the holidays. Instead of being happy with our help, she is cranky and obnoxious, worried that we're throwing out something precious. The unfortunate thing is she's a hoarder... garbage is precious to her. Not things we consider garbage, like old school drawings from 3 years ago, but actual garbage like pop cans, and cookie package liners and broken toys. I think this may be why Brian is now sick - the dust and crap on her floor is overwhelming. As her room evolves to a livable space, she is sleeping better. My parenting skills get reduced to threatening to take away her scheduled weekend activities and sleepovers for the holidays - it's the only thing that works anymore. Hopefully a couple hours tonight, and again tomorrow night, and we'll be done... Sigh...

Poor Pooky continues her decline, and I find myself grieving. We experiment with dosages of the meds from the vet, but still she coughs. Nothing shamanic is working for her, which tells me that it's soon her time... We had to put Ethol down on our 10th anniversary last year, which made for a horrible weekend (along with Brian breaking his ankle) and I hope Pook doesn't check out on our 11th anniversary, which happens Dec. 9th. 2 years in a row is too much for me, so I hope the Creator keeps her around past Christmas. She seems to breathe better with the cold air outside, like a baby with croup. Poor little thing - she's been with me almost a third of my life, and whenever she goes she'll be missed...

Time to clean up the post-dinner kitchen mess and prepare myself - actually steel myself - for the cleaning extravaganza part #3 upstairs at 6 PM.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Shopping We Will Go!

I started some vague Christmas shopping Monday, without expectation, and today we are done. Wow, that's some kind of record...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When Good Banks go Bad

In the past I've sued a bank, threatened to take one to the supreme court, and generally have not been impressed with their monopolistic empires... I have worse opinioins about insurance companies, because I was engaged to someone in that industry and the stuff I learned horrified me... That our government allows these two forms of usary and highway robbery to exist IN THEIR PRESENT FORMS boggles my mind.

As the divide between the wealthy and the poor increases, so does the pressure for the poor on having simple, day-to-day necessities. I need my van for work, and because we live in the country. To be without transportation would be suicide. Yet there are many people who cannot afford their vehicles. Farm families around us can't depend on public transit - that doesn't exist out here. The poor can't afford house insurance, or the horrible fees per transaction for the priviledge of having a bank account. Bank records are a form of personal identification, so become a must-have, a paper trail, and a label.

My hackles rose even higher when I heard these two institutions were allowed to merge, and banks could now offer insurance. My bank runs an ad several times per hour, on several channels, stating they can drop your insurance fees on average $350 with one 12-minute phone call (did you catch that fine print?). They can do this, they say, because they've streamlined the application and delivery process, saving us consumers money - so who is paying for these TV ads, month after month? Right.

Banks need to exist, and so does insurance. However, the gross misrepresentation of what's going on in these industries is costing huge amounts of money to those who can least afford it. Private business, in a free market economy, has to pare the fat off operations or die like the dinosaur. Government needs to step in and create the same incentives, and apply them legally, to banking and insurance. ING has the right idea, in terms of cutting out expensive capital costs like having buildings - has anyone noticed the mammoth, often gothic megastructures that house the insurance companies? The upkeep on these buildings must be gargantuan in scope.

I know I'm rambling - I'm annoyed at injustices today. Just don't get me started on credit card companies - eeeeek!!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wedding Bell Blues

As a minister, I'm frequently asked about my perspectives on marriage gone sour... this is an interesting place to speak on because I am divorced. People assume that, because I am a minister, I want couples to stay together until "death do them part". Nothing could be further from the truth!

Over the years I've worked in a prison, psychiatric facility, literacy centre, nursing homes, a hospital, group home for adolescent girls, and community college. I've dealt with people in drug rehabilitation centres, hospices, palliative care centres, and on reserves. I have observed that people in a bad marriage, who stick in a lifeless marriage, often perpetuate abuses on themselves, their partners and children as a real side effect of their hopelessness and frustration. This creates a sense of futility which for some people escalates into violence.

No, I am not a Christian minister with what are perceived to be fundamentalist Christian values, and no, if all avenues of help have been sought and the marriage is over, honour that awareness. Thank the partner for what you have shared and what they have taught you - especially about yourself - then move on. Love them from a distance, but move on. Staying in a marriage because of the financial ramifications is one of the worst reasons to stall - it leads you nowhere. Seek help for yourself to move on, be it spiritual, financial or material. There are myriad supports out there for divorce survival.

Know that your journey is one of learning, and we may well have many partners on this life walk.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sparkling in Varney

I love when a plan comes together... There are so many times when patients have left their illness for too long, and we can't do anything. It's sad when people don't care enough about themselves to look after their ill health - there's karma in those thoughts. Yet, when someone feels ready to deal with something, and it isn't too late, the joys of returning health are a sight to see. I marvel at the strength and resilience of the human anatomy. I cherish indomitable spirit. Would that I could wave a magic faery wand and do the work for people, but that just doesn't work. No, it is the co-creative synergy of plant, human, crystal and energetic symbiosis that marks the marvel of healing.

The penultimate day is when I get to facilitate healing AND do something artistic. A little dash of finished project, and I daresay MY endorphins escalate. Today is just such a day, and I'm riding the wave. I'd like more days to be like this!!!

Did I say my husband looks very cute today???

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Art & Spirituality Show

I'm very excited to be asked to participate in an art and spirituality show of textile works in Toronto next month. Each artist gets to hang two pieces of their work - this is really a great step forward for me in actualizing my dreams of returning to the art world in a significant way.

Here is the information:
The gallery is called It's Not a Deli Art Gallery and is at 986 Queen Street West. This is a few doors east of Ossington on the north side. Phone number 416-532-4748. Name of the curator is Eduardo DelaForesta.

We are having an Opening Reception on Friday December 8th. Because this venue is part restaurant, the receptions generally start around 8:00 and go to whenever.

Bright lights, big city and no husband - woo hoo!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Time for a Change

Wow, i changed to Blogger Beta and got offered the opportunity to update my blog design - this is a bit brighter, and I think easier to read in the long run. Fickle female that I can be, this is a bit funky!!

I enjoyed the episode of "Most Haunted" from earlier this evening. I get miffed at the cautiousness of the parapsychologist, and the scaredy-cat, yakkety yak nature of the hostess, but I love the show. I'm sorry however, that the W network changed the Friday night lineup. I miss "Rescue Mediums" and "Ghostly Encounters" in this line-up
. Shows like Medium and Veronica Mars just don't do it for me.

Looking forward to my first weekend off since Labour Day... yippee!!

Remembrance Day

I saw a rather dapper, spritely octogenarian sporting his soldier's uniform, myriad medals and poppy sales bucket, braving the doorway of a local McDonalds. We were there for an urgent bathroom trip, or I'd have stopped to chat. I always feel emotional at this time of year, because my dad was a veteran, as was Brian's dad (Ken died the year we got together, so I never met him, unfortunately).

My parents met in a vet's hospital in Montreal, where my mother nursed my father for over a year, as he lay badly wounded. Had they not met, and braved the hue and cry over their cultural and religious differences, my sister and I would not be here... and yet, my dad was a changed man after the war, becoming alcoholic and abusive. The relationship issues I still have with family are a direct result of those abuses. Many men and women were changed by the war, suffering obvious physical atrocities, but less obvious mental and emotional ones - and the same applies for those soldiers in spirit, still haunted by their past, still asking for prayers. Many generations of Canadians will deal with the intergenerational ramifications of these traumas.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day. Whether you can stomach the thought of war, or disagree with out country's involvement in the Middle East, please pray for our soldiers living and deceased. Prayer is an active, live action of positive intention, and will do wonders here and in the beyond.

Tomorrow is also the last "official" day of the Festivals of Spirit. I hope you've enjoyed your contacts as much as I have, although some rather tragic murder victims made their situation known to me in the night, and I feel if they can continue to chat, I'll follow up on their demise.

Tonight is "Most Haunted" - a show I love to watch - pass the popcorn, eh. I support these wonderful programs.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ah, Motherhood

Here we all are... Angeni started some more antibiotic today, and so did I... in some ways she is sicker with this virus and ear infection than she seemed to be with the pneumonia 6 weeks ago. For all the kinds and types of illnesses we've treated here, from lupus to cancer, nothing tugs at the heartstrings more than a sick child. To hear her moaning every minute in fractious sleep, crying out in pain, gurgling in her sinus mucous, is heart-wrenching. She is a tough little girl though, and tried some eggnog today, because one of the characters in the "Liitle House" series drank eggnog. Her 8-year-old suspicion over adult food was waived because she trusts Laura Ingalls. At least the eggnog will help to revive her fluid levels a little. I pray these illnesses abate soon...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sleepy Sunday

I wish my sinuses would let me sleep in, on this sleepy Sunday... got up early and made breakfast of the remaining fry bread from Brian's birthday dinner, and covered it with bacon, eggs and cheese - YUM. We had errands in Hanover, and Brian found his birthday gift, a wonderful wood lathe. He got it for a song, so he's really happy. I found a mechanics magnet suitable for my canning pot - it has a long flexible handle. We are having a quiet weekend eating leftovers and tidying up after the angel class. It was an intense teaching day, to be sure.

Tonight I am attempting to teach a friend how to knit. This should be interesting. It would be a great evening to curl up by the fire with a good book, as we are all under the weather, but we'll share some time with my friend and watch a bit of TV - I have to see what's out there in the big world sometimes. We're getting a reprieve from the snow and cold of last week so Brian plans to do his winter prep for the barn and house.

I'm looking forward to a week of art and design. Here's hoping that comes to pass.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Miraculous Masterminds

The calendula florets didn't get rescued until today, and went straight into the crock to make the skin cream... this batch will yield about 16 jars, enough to get me through the Christmas season orders, with what is there on the shelf. Brian felt like helping, which is a HUGE boost to me, so we made the hummus together - also 16 jars worth, and enough extra for a little TV snack tonight. I've decided to pull out another crock to make a big load of native-style chili to serve at the angel course tomorrow. With a few minor additions, and some fry bread, we'll have a festive supper of Indian Tacos tomorrow night... some friends are staying after the course to help Brian celebrate his 60th birthday, which is Tuesday... It is hard to believe he's going to be 60.

All the prep for the angel class happened yesterday, and the house is tidied (if not perfectly clean), so I have little left to do, except some reading review. I like to review my notes thoroughly before teaching, because every version of a course, especially where channelling is involved, differs every time I teach it. This is a good thing - keeps me on my toes, and stops a sense of complacency among my students. Life circumstances change, so the angels have different things to say, especially with the acceleration of spiritual vibration on the planet right now. I find their assistance so helpful when I teach - gets me over the worthiness bumps.

So we're off shopping for birthday dinner ingredients and back in time for my ghost shows! It's been a wonderful, productive day.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Walking in the Garden

Found myself outside, attempting feebly to minister to the dying plants. My husband is picking some of the last calendula today, in the snow, so I can make a batch of calendula skin cream... He'll grab a few violas to put in an available ceramic pot so a few of them can be "rescued" from seasonal death. They may also die inside, from the shock of warmth, but at least I will have tried. Brian doesn't pander to many of my idiosyncrasies, but this is one of them...

Spent the day looking at some updated material on angels... timeless as angels are, research can be current or not, even in the realm of the theological. Found a book I'd bought a year or so, penned by another medium who works in bereavement. It was a day I needed to do many other things, but instead I inhaled the words written. I seldom find written works from mediums who work as I do, and think like I think. This medium's name is George Anderson, and the book is "Walking in the Garden of Souls". We agree on just about everything to do with the intangilble world of spirit, although his methods differ a little from my training. Needless to say, I felt directed to read this book, inspite of the fact it has nothing specific to do with angels... but it does have helpful perspectives on dealing with suicide, accidental death and divorce, so I have some different things to mull over, in my client work this week.

All Souls Day, and I have to channel the spirit of a teenager for his parents. I pray for support and that the connection is clear... Hope you're all having a wonderful spirit time - thre are still another 9 days of the feasts of the dead.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Post Hallowe'en Observations

I found Hallowe'en evening to be quiet in the physical dimension, but rife with spirits. My father, dead since 1989, joined Angeni and I in the back of the van for about 10 seconds. She was impressed, and introduced herself to "Mr. uh.. Grandpa". The weather was marvelous, she got her annual picture taken at the grocery store, and we had a great time... The teenaged son of a client appeared in her healing yesterday. He committed suicide earlier this year, and wanted his own appointment for help into the dream time - this took me by surprise - but we are dealing with him tomorrow, in a scheduled ceremony. Tomorrow is "All Souls Day", and therefore it should be easy to get him help.

Today is "All Saints Day", and I received an email from a person who sees themselves the victim of spirits. I am amazed by how many ways people can play the victim card, including using the spirits. In reflection, I've seen myself as a victim in the past, and work hard not to perpetuate that old tape from childhood. But dealing with "victim of spirit" card is another matter, and I cannot reinforce the opposite perspective too strongly. We are mightier than any earth-bound spirit, as a part and parcel of God energy, so nothing should cause us fear. Certain spirits require prudent handling and specific prayer rituals, but these are low-level, 2-dimensional spirits who prey on, and use our fear to give them strength, because they are projections from us. All souls go to the Infinite Light and after their Life Review, have that epiphany - there are no "evil souls", just people who did evil things, and now learn from them.

We are not separate from God, but a part of God, and therefore, nothing untoward can harm us unless we let it.

Should be an interesting day, as I prepare my angel channelling course for Saturday.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

EST, PSI, ESP and Me

There are some months I generally "like" better than others... I really like August, and it never is 100% clear what the specific appeal is. I know that the humidity is waning, and the days are still lovely and long, but that isn't "it" entirely... There is a push to get in those summer activities and a quieting of my spirit. It's relaxing, I guess.

I don't fancy November most years. My father was born in November, but that bears no relevance... post-summer, pre-winter, and I ache a lot during November. It is too early to be excited about the festive holidays. The yard seems dirty, and my plants die outside - that's a big part of it - not being able to stop the plants dying. It's raw, wet and gritty.

February starts as a dead month, but the energies of the earth start shifting at Valentines Day (which has nothing to do with Valentines Day) and I feel a stirring, the earth awakening. I like that time, and being Pisces that energy shift in early March is a rush. June is a wonderful month - not yet hot, but the plants are in and growing...

I find this first week of November with the return to Eastern Standard Time a difficult adjustment, frankly. This morning I was awake extra early which is very unusual for me... I heard Pooky coughing a lot, which concerned me, and I had to spike Angeni's hair for school, but it is more than this... I don't sleep easily or well during the first part of the night, so my early morning sleep is essential, if I am to function properly. That doesn't happen with the time adjustment. I'm fine with the spring shift to DST.

During this spook time, I notice a lot more EVP with the channelling work. This is Electronic Voice Phenomena - and I welcome the participation of the spirits when channelling for others. But they can leave my car keys on the hook, and my toothbrush in the drawer, and stop ringing the phone for no reason. That comes under the heading of PK, or psychokinesis. My head still hurts from all the weekend channelling - we certainly worked hard for the people here in visitation (both corporeal and non-corporeal).

Another patient arrives, and then we're off to replace the kettle that I shorted out - by looking at it. Oh dear.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Pooky's birthday and Spooks Galore

We're well into the 18 days of the spirit time... lots of wonderful channelled connections with the spirit realm yesterday during Midewiwin. We feasted, did healing work, and talked candidly about death... Our Midewiwin has never lost a member to death, although certainly patients have been in transition - this is very different from the Midewiwin I trained in... the elders were dying off at an incredible rate.

Anyway, I've got Angeni's costume ready for tomorrow night. It took several days to find all the myriad pieces to the psycho Ninja outfit. I enjoy taking her for Halloween - one of the few things with my walking disability that I can do with her. So we'll venture into town and visit the people we know and generally have a silly time. There are people out here in the country who still bake treats and make up hilarious bags of goodies for the kids. I appreciate my neighbours for that...

The Pookster turned 14 today... Her cough is better and she is a happy dog, most of the time sleeping in my desk chair. I hope and pray she has a good winter, my dear old friend.

Blessings to all and have a safe Halloween.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Procrastination Boogey

I have a life-long vice, born of low self-esteem and fear, called "procrastination". It isn't with me all the time, but enough to annoy me. Fear of failing at whatever I plan to do - from creative endeavours to canning - sometimes gets the better of me. This week I'm struggling with some housework, having little energy during the recovery from the various illnesses of late. I have PMS out the yin/yang, and want nothing more than to sit with a heating pad and do some beadwork on my ministerial jacket. But, that nagging SHOULD monster, reminds me that I bought cilantro to make hummus, and not to use it is a waste... And I have a Metis shirt to finish for a friend by Saturday... and I should be making lunch for my hard-working husband... Yet, the laundry is done and needs transferring to the dryer (too cold to hang outside right now, and I'm too tired to hang it even if it was nice)... But we have the house to clean for an all-day session of clients on Saturday, and our shamanic gathering on Sunday. The list goes on... I'm paralyzed into inactivity trying to keep it all straight in my head. My back aches before I lift a handful of wet wash... Sigh. I'll refill my coffee and see if that helps. Sigh. My husband will likely complain when I'm up tonight at midnight trying to get this stuff all done. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Things that go bump in the night, and day, and...

Today, October 25th marks the beginning of an 18-day period where feasts for the dead are celebrated around the world, including my own native culture. Mexican people have celebrations in graveyards, bringing food for the deceased, and performing all-night vigils, as an example for one culture. We in the north also feast in a communal gathering, offering a plate to the ancestors from the feaat goods, and channelling with them for the assembled. The angels aren't forgotten, as the feast "Los Angelitos" is celebrated in this period of 18 days.

From a parapsychological point of view, it is prime spook spotting time - the days are mostly bright, with high pressure, and the nights cold and crisp - this creates an atmosphere conducive to spirits crossing "the veil". I've conducted all of my most famous building analyses during this period - NOT to get the Hallowe'en hype, but because it is more likely we'll have sightings, EVP, PK and such...

I love this time of year... the 18 days ends with veterans' day on Nov. 11th - you don't have to be psychic to be aware of the emotional pall in the air on that day... Many a deceased soldier has made their presence known to me on 11/11. Otherwise, this is a happy time, and the wonderment of reconnecting with departed loved ones never ceases to delight me.

Oct. 25th is the 32nd anniversary of my Nanny's passing - she has come back to me a few times to help over the years, and I honour that... It is also the 25th anniversary of the death of a friend, her daughter and 4-month-old granddaughter after being hit by a transport truck. For some reason, I was supposed to be in that car with Shirley, and didn't want to go - I unplugged my phone and went to bed. She called her daughter, and the rest is history. Why I didn't get the direct message I don't know, except that if I knew she would die, I'd have called her and stopped her trip. If it was her time to go, then I would be interfering with her karma. So she died and I slept. Knowing what I know about the universe and spirit, I can be here without "survivor guilt", althougn from time to time I have that nagging tug. All I know is I was prevented, through divine intervention, from going shopping with Shirley. I honour my ancestors for keeping me safe...

Have a blessed time during the feasts of the dead... honour your departed in whatever way suits you, but do it!! They love having us try to connect. Know that it is as difficult for them to connect with us, as it is for us to connect with them, but it doesn't happen if we don't try!!

Have a safe, and spirit-filled season.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Divine Intervention

I've worked with angels for years... taught angel courses... provided channelling that included the angels... read angel cards... and depended on them to keep me alive as a child. Angels still manage to surprise and delight me, to honour my walk, and work their magic in the background of my life. They love serendipity, and have shown me where to see it - and that's daily. I can look back at the times of my life where I lost that tenuous thread, and fell into the abyss of depression... and how the angels struggled to help me back on my feet. They help me laugh at things that might seem otherwise too difficult to comprehend. It's called prioritizing - others have named this "not sweating the little stuff - and EVERYTHING is little stuff". Angels allow me to see when I've let the doldrums of daily stuff numb me into unconsciousness; those times when I've become an automaton. I'd rather they jolt me out of it their way, than have something like a momentous car accident jar me to my senses.

I guess my greatest pleasures are these - 1) helping people get to know and connect to their own angels, that they might also experience this joy, and 2) seeing my daughter come to an age where this is happening for her in a conscious, delightful way. I may be here to teach her how to do laundry and bake bannock, but those skills pale by comparison to knowing one's angels.

Life is beautiful. Thanks angels!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Niagara and nasal nastiness....

Still struggling with my sinus infection - more than half way through the antiobiotics and they are doing nothing... so things are worse, not better. Sigh. This is going for 4 weeks now...

I managed the Niagara trip, fevers and all. I was about 40 km north of the devastation that hit Fort Erie and Port Colborne... still a lot of trees down. My heartfelt sympathies go to those in Buffalo who still do not have hydro, even today!!!

Anyway, the events at the quilt guild went swimmingly. Despite the heat of the auditorium, I did the trunk show. It was supposed to be 45 minutes and went over time, even with an abbreviated show. It seemed to be well-received. The workshop in Fonthill had 6 registrants, but one lady was away having surgery. There were two guild assistants at the workshop, so it was cozy and intimate. I chose to drive home on Thursday, despite being in rush hour on the 406/403 and in a downpour. The weather improved as I got home, making driving safer.

It is a beautiful weekend... my husband is being barn maintenance guy, Angeni is harvesting medicine flowers, and I'm in a mood to cook. A quality family time!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Medical care in Ontario

I resist going to the doctor at the best of times... I will "wait until tomorrow" several days until the crisis eventually abates. It inevitably means that if the issue is something I can't deal with herbally, then I suffer longer than most, due to my resistance. Is it ego? No... Is it fear? No... In fact it is the terrible logistics involved in getting care in the first place... We were here 6 years before there was a doctor to transfer to (and before we're talking a 200 km round trip to Guelph, plus parking and meals, and a whole day). When I called for an appointment for Angeni with pneumonia 3 weeks ago, I was put off 24 hours, and the doctor asked why I didn't get her in sooner? Ask your receptionist, doc.

This morning, at 8:30 AM I phoned to ask for that appointment I so dread making. I told the nurse I have developed a sinus infection... My choices - see my doctor on FRIDAY (this is Monday) or see the Doctor on call, at the same clinic, at 10:30 AM this morning. We've had to utlize the doctor on call as many times as we've managed to see our doctor, in the 20 months we've had him in Durham... Blame the doctor shortage? Sure... Blame the whole system of universal healthcare? Maybe. Continuity of care is broken when one is getting whatever doctor is available. This isn't like I'm having a life-threatening issue, but it is serious enough for me to seek care after 13 months of steering clear. Last time it took me 10 days to get seen for a bowel obstruction - 5 days because of me putting it off as "the 'flu", and 5 days just waiting for an appointment. What if I'd required surgery?

Can you tell I'm frustrated?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

And now for something completely different...

Tea leaf reading went swimmingly - everone got at least 3 readings, including a karmic past life version. I really should have left the karma cup for another, advanced class, but something pushed me to include those notes. Already I've had emails asking when theze people can regroup and continue to evolve their skills. That's gratifying to me, as a teacher. However, I'll not be having another cup of tea for a wee while.

I've shifted into another gear - quilting teacher. This is a trip to the Niagara region slated for Wednesday morning, and I return sometime Friday. If I'm feeling enthusiastic after the class, and the weather allows, I'll try and drive home Thursday night, but that seems too much for me - it is about 4 hours each way. There is a lot of prep for the trunk show I'm giving on Wed. evening for the Niagara Guild, then I teach the medicine blanket workshop all day Thursday. This trip should be just fine, it is the prep and making sure I have every possible thing I'll need to make this work for the students. That means a lot of sorting through buckets and looking for stored materials. These 3 days will be busy, before I even get to Niagara.

Bob was let out late last night, the first time he asked in about 30 hours. With reluctance we let him go, and mercifully he came back in this morning, had some breakfast, and is now fast asleep.

Pooky, on the other hand, appears to be declining. I am sending healing energy to my little friend several times a day, but the coughing is increasing. There is a fine line with healing - sometimes sending energy gives tumours and such an opportunity to grow even faster, which is of course, counter-productive. Other than this nagging cough, she is happy, active and eating, ever on guard for thee. At this point we're looking at miraculous divine intervention, as the vet is keeping her "comfortable". Pooky turns 14 on Oct. 30th...

Friday, October 13, 2006

And the cat came back...

The Bob has returned... Brian heard him mewling behind some bales of hay, as if Bob was caught in the wall... Carried to the house, he ate like a feline asphalt demolisher and has gone for a catnap. His communications were spotty and difficult, but he kept trying.

Angeni is thrilled... The Momma Kat is ecstatic... and Dad the Rescue Hero is the man of the hour...

Brian will be the first to complain when Bob wakes him up at 3 AM to go back out, but Bob is the cat who joins him in shamanic journeys... perhaps there is a soft spot there.

The spirit of the house sparkles again.

Snow and underwear...

Can't believe the constancy of the snow... Mercifully it isn't staying on the ground but the winds are high and the house is cold. No sign of Bob - I put it out to the universe that he is welcome to come and get warm. He visited me in the hypnopompic state this morning, rolling over on his back and being his usual friendly self, although the energy was in a dimensional shift. We'll contact more of the neighbours on nearby farms and let them know Bob may have headed their way... However, his vision suggests he's in the dreamtime. Blessings to my hairy friend, wherever you are...

I'm sorry the Liberal leadership race has such wishy-washy, unsavoury characters vying for party leadership. Now they're fighting about which candidate, and indeed which party, is anti-Israel. I wish they would stick to Canadian agendas, at least for the duration of the election, so that we understand what their respective national policies are... I would like a Liberal leader with the strength of Jean Chretien, and the charisma of Paul Martin, so that Stephen "Mr. Mysogyny" Harper gets booted from power. Harper's policies are simply archaic and regressive. I fear for women and children in this country, especially if you are a single woman of colour, with children, over 45 years old. He is trouble.

Why mention underwear in the title? Well... getting the house ready for the tea leaf reading class tomorrow, I stumbled upon a pair of my underwear on the sacred object table... Methinks Starr found himself this trophy in the laundry basket, and proceded to show us how wonderfully he can decorate the lodge.

Never a dull moment, here in the winter wonderland of Varney.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tough month

Bob the cat has gone missing for about a week now. He was so funny... I felt his spirit and sensed him for several days, but now I don't. This doesn't bode well for my feline snuggler. Abruptly we are down another pet...

And today, Oct. 12th, it snowed. This is way too early for snow... normally we have an ice storm on or about the 3rd weekend of November, then a little snow for Christmas. It is still almost 3 weeks to Hallowe'en!!!

Angeni is back to normal, but I am not. This has been a long, protracted series of complicated illnesses that have sapped my strength. I need my voice back for a class on Saturday coming up, and I journey next week to the Niagara region. I would like to feel better than a bag of never-washed hockey clothes abandoned behind the rink.

I am looking forward to Saturday, when I teach tea leaf reading. I've never bothered to teach this subject before, because it didn't seem serious, and is considered archaic. Well. the response has been great, so off we go... maybe the tea will make me feel better.

I wish and pray that Bob finds his way back...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Does this ever end?

It's 4:12 AM Durham time, and I've just ended a relationship with a cup of Neo-Citran. My husband was a party to this clandestine rendezvous... having brought us together a mere hour ago - and lies beside me, even as I write, oblivious to the post-nasal drip afterglow of bronchial bliss.

It all started with Bob, I'm ashamed to say... Bob (the cat) popped in around 9 PM, but felt he had to blow this pop stand around 2 AM... I was just having a quick washroom blitz and heard the mournful wails of my feline snuggler. This got Super Starr going, and I woke Brian. All 4 dogs had to help Daddy let the cat out, and escort said feline into the trees... and while they were out, it was expedient to use that time to whiz and bark at falling leaves.

Despite the cacophony, Mr. Bill (another cat) decides to come in... visit with me lovingly... but bolt at the sound of cat crunchies filling his bowl. Once sated, Bill asked to go out, which lasted less than a minute. One boiled kettle later, Brian (aka the good knight) returned with my cup of Neo-Citran only to discover that he may have left Pooky outside... downstairs he goes, upstairs he comes, groaning. Max is pawing at the empty water dish. Dutifully the grumpy knight fills the cannister and comes back to bed. All this upstairs/downstairs mayhem takes 20 minutes.

We're all settled again - Brian is snoring, Nonny Cat has gone downstairs, Pooky rests in my office chair, and the large dogs are all asleep. I started this, and I end this midnight rendezvous. Oh, but first another tissue...

Friday, September 29, 2006

I Hate being sick...

It's been almost 3 years since I've had any kind of lung congestion/sinus infection/influenza sort of malady, but boy I'm making up for it this week... Esophagitis, laryingitis, sinusitis and more that I'm too polite to discuss in a blog. This on top of Angeni dealing with pneumonia - she just went back to school yesterday, but didn't quite last the whole day. Today she seems capable of making it alright - her capacity for healing has been amazing... Me, I'm another kettle of fish... For all the healing work I do for others, I wear myself out, and forget that I need to treat myself as carefully as I treat my patients... I don't, though.

Today is just going to be a quiet day... other than this blog, I'm simply going to have to rest - if not for me, for the fact that I have another full day of clients tomorrow, including a regression, so I need to get my voice back. Sigh.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dogs, and the People who love them...

With 4 canine children, this house can be chaos... 3 huge dogs and 1 Yorky-poo... All these dogs are unique personalities. Starr a half-newf big goof is the most idiosynchratic of the brigade. He gets dad up as early as 4 AM to start the household chores - he's always done this. He barks when his inner clock says it's time to put the horses to bed, or when the school bus should be arriving, or when the stories aren't being read to Angeni in just the correct manner. Spunky is half-wolf, and the grand matriarch... any puppies brought here over the years have succumbed to her matronly discipline. As large-and-in-charge as she is normally, thundershowers can reduce her to a cowering mass of hysteria. Maxi-poo, Starr's sister just goes along for the ride... not alpha anything, Max is a mellow chick. Her pecadillos include chasing cats and chickens, and warming the couch for mommy. Her only meanness comes with we visit the vet... Poor old Pooky, at 1/15th the size of the others, holds her own. Squirrels and chippies are no match for the Pookster, at least in her 14-year-old mind. The original Max, a male, was killed 3 years ago this week, and I've never seen Brian weep like he did when he found that dog dead. Max was an older sibling to Starr and the current Max... Spike, the 3-legged Poodle suffered from a Spunky punishment, and died 3 years ago as well...

As much work as they are, we can't imagine life without them...

I visit people with dogs, or dogs who share their people with me... Brady, the most handsome dude in Burlington has gone so far as to be a couch potato with me, cuddle in a single bed, share my meals, and make me feel like the centre of his universe. However, he wants those rawhides or cookies he knows I have somewhere...

And Kia, whose medical mysteries have left me searching at great length for her care... I've never met Kia, but I know her human "Deb" very well...

Today I received a note from an old friend Kim to say her buddy, a giant newf named Sophie had to be put down recently, and how heartbroken she is... I hear ya, and sympathize Kim.

People who love dogs have a special connection in the universe as far as I'm concerned. The puppy people know unconditional love, know sacrifice, and know joy. I offer a prayer to those puppy people, and the canine friends who walk the medicine wheel with them. You do the 4-leggeds proud, and prove to me that the Creator really does understand Love.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Post-weekend blitz

Wow - what a change in the southern Ontario weather... like instant autumn!! We returned from the wedding extravaganza, and I'm still getting settled - 5 loads of laundry and one really sick kid later, I have some things to put away from the weekend. The wedding ended up being in a tent, but the sun broke long enough for the bride to get her photos at the beach, if not the service on the beach. Midewiwin Shaman did a superb job... It was a long ride home, but I'm feeling better about my pending trip to the same area for a quilt show in 3 weeks...

Prior to leaving on Friday we took my wee Yorkie-poo Pooky to the vet to have her chest assessed because of a cough... "old dog bronchitis" apparently... if she doesn't respond to the meds by this Friday, she'll be x-rayed for a lung tumour... not the news I wanted to hear an hour before leaving for Fort Erie. But, she seems to be responding to the meds, and this is a good thing. We'll know better by the end of the week. Pooky hs been my constant companion of 14 years - she still plays and eats well, but has slowed down a touch. I don't feel it is her time yet...

I'm sad that I never got to the beach this year. I am a person who needs the water. I hope this doesn't happen next year!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Complicated Nuptuals

I've never had a wedding to do that has been as complicated as the one pending this autumnal equinox weekend. Firstly, it is 5 hours away, and a beach wedding - I have trepidation about the weather, frankly. Indoor alternatives are really only tents for 250 people... the reception is in a tent as well... meaning if it is cold and damp, these guests will be basically outside something like 10 hours in the cold, maybe more... I'm really clear that lone Aboriginal minister or not, I won't do this again... too much time away from home, too much organizing for the week ahead, too many people's lives altered to accommodate this extravaganza... Friday is the big trip and the rehearsal on the beach... Saturday is the wedding. Saturday night the dinner (we won't stay for the reception) and we're staying over in a cottage because it is too late to drive all the way home... Home doesn't happen until Sunday early afternoon. In future brides and grooms can come here (but not with 250 people!!).

Anyway, it will be fun...

Monday, September 18, 2006

More naughtiness...

My husband, upon reading the previous entry, reminded me that I moon people from the porch, lift my shirt to hooter moon him in parking lots, make rude drawings and leave them under his pillow, tell ribald jokes, and watch the sex channel periodically... I've clipped little rubber chickens under my minister's gown, and generally behaved like a wicked young teen... Well, to that I say - "Girls just wanna have fun." With the stressful life we lead almost all the time, this is a bit of tension release. And, my playfulness should be a compliment because it says I'm still interested and like to flirt with him after all these years... My daughter is still horrified, so I guess there are some good behaviour modification things happening here. It works for me!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Naughty bits...

I threaten my husband all the time that I'm writing about his naughty bits in my blog. Initially I did that because I felt it would encourage him to read the blog... Also because I have written to my girlfriends about all things penile, including measurments, and the technically correct manner for taking such measurements. He caught me making special drawings several years ago, and emailing them.

I horrify my daughter by rolling down the car window and yelling "nice bum" to people walking down the street. I know they can't hear me, but she doesn't know that... Brian locks my window and rolls his eyes... Sometimes I yell about toenails, or testicles, or booty - that kind of thing. I'm teasing them both, because Angeni thinks we're going to get arrested, and she is just on the verge of being old enough that anything her parents do is embarrassing.

He says I'm a silly minister, but he knows I'm just teasing. Did I mention 9.75"? I think another hot spell is coming - whoo hoo!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006


For once in my life I'm beginning to have periods of body warmth - this is something rare for someone with serious anaemia. My husband, who is much more active and physically vigorous is normally the one who "runs hot"... My metabolism is speeding up, and I've also started to lose weight. Maybe it's burning off literally - yippee. I don't lament this time. It is that passage that means no more children, but I grieved it when my daughter was born, because Brian got the big snip even before she was born. That was a panic move for a man of 52 with a grown daughter and a grandson older than his second daughter... We regret his choice not for the birth control issue, but because he developed post-operative complications which have taken years to solve.

It doesn't matter whether my hot mamma spells are from the herbs I take for my metabolism or from menopause - I'm warm at last. And if this is the worst of it, since I have no other symptoms, then bring it on!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Deciding to move, or not to move... deciding what lengths it will take to fix up the house to the standard we'd like to see it, whether we stay or go... Feeling the need to be in other places for the next phase of my life, but at the same time, being overwhelmed with the enormity of moving... Weighing the financial ramifications against the reality of life in another province - work availability vs. retirement, healthcare, achools and the art community all must factor into the puzzle. Realizing that a move of great distance necessitates an unloading of about 90% of what we own. Very little of what we have is worth the money to haul it across country.

I'm trying to "think outside the box"... is the lust to move a sign of boredom with my life? Some people create chaos in their lives to avoid the real issues. At least my marriage is the strongest it's ever been - so any "hidden" issues would have to be career-based. Angeni doesn't want to leave her school, which is typical for most young children. I know she would adapt, and her cardiopulmonary health would drastically improve. My ability to be outside, away from biting bugs, is a HUGE draw for the Gulf Islands - I'm a prisoner indoors most of the summer in midwestern Ontario because of mosquitoes, deer flies and black flies.

Who would hire a 49-year-old disabled Native artist/Interfaith minister? Not popular job qualifications. Brian turns 60 in a few weeks, so he'll remain self-employed as a carpenter. It will take a couple of years to completely re-do everything (floors, porch, drywall) here at the lodge, so I guess I'll get back to work, writing an autumn newsletter, and thinking about supper.

At least I'm not so old that I can't have wanderlust! :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Insidious caffeine

It amazes me how many products contain caffeine. We all know about the cola thing, but apparently people underestimate the calories and caffeine content of their favourite colas... Coffee and tea have really wild variants when it comes to caffeine amounts - there is no such thing as an "average" caffeine content, when some decaf lattes contain more caffeine than your standard home-brewed carafe of coffee. Tea varies wildly - it surprised me that some herbal teas contain caffeine, and old favourites like Chai tea can have quite a lot of the dreaded caff... Finally, over-the-counter medications can contain horrible amounts of caffeine. Acetaminophen #1 is an example of a partially-regulated pain reliever that contains just a little caff which enhances the painkilling properties of that medicine. One tablet isn't a problem, but 3 tablets taken 2 or 3 doses in a day, on top of coffee can be quite nerve-wracking. It all adds up in the course of a day. It is my understanding the caffeine accumulates, and peaks in the bloodstream 6 hours after it is consumed.

A coffee after dinner, can mean floor pacing at midnight.

Mercifully this is a household that doesn't consume colas, but we do have coffee and tea, and I occasionally need acetaminophen #1. Keeping the decaf coffee down to one cup in the morning, and maybe a cup of darjeeling tea in the afternoon still seems to be too much. I've noticed with people who have gone off caffeine, their tolerance level is "zero" - even the slightest amount of caff sends them into a sleepless psychotic rant. For the little bit of caff I consume, I have an inordinate number of sleepless nights. It's come to the point of a showdown, I guess - to sleep, or not to sleep, that is the lifestyle question. If I have an especially pain-heavy night, I'm not going to sleep whether I've consumed caffeine or not.

It becomes a larger picture issue of lifestyle, addiction, pain management and treasured social interaction. To Tim's or not to Tim's, that is the REAL question... T'would be nobler to go to Tims and drink V8 juice, and increase the fruits and veggies in my day, to be sure. Alas poor Starbucks, I kmew him well... (Sorry William Shakespeare.)

I went without caffeine for most of yesterday, until I made a cup of tea... then awake at 3:00 AM, letting dogs out, cats in/out and lamenting my computer network woes, I was very cranky. I realized that I had taken some of the Acet#1's - just 3 - spread through the day. That must have been it... Today I am a lumpy bit of grumpiness, managing the pain of fibromyalgia (which is cyclical) with heat and massage. It will be plain Tylenol only for me...

I don't drink anymore, don't smoke and now have to do without coffee - what will be next? Sex?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Things that evoke strong emotions in me...

Screaming for 15 muinutes at a bank "robot" on the phone over a penny interest - just because the bank was wrong... and winning the argument (to the detriment of my blood pressure)...

I'm so unused to screaming, that for an hour after, I had to head to town and buy groceries... I get excited over good produce...

My newf dog going out to the recycling box at the side of the road and fetching me an empty water bottle - bless his heart, he thought mommy lost it, I guess...

Finding out I was accepted to teach at a festival in Toronto...

Fondling a really nice bolt of fabric, when I should have been buying those groceries...

Fondling my husband's manly bicep in the car, when I should have been letting him focus on the road... made me feel 17 again...

Hearing my daughter say she still believes in Santa, even when some of the other kids dismiss the jolly one...

Knowing that tomorrow the temperature soars to 27 degrees (C) - even if it is forecast for just one day...

Seeing newborn baby chicks for the first time, their feet sticking out from under mother hen's wings, knowing how viciously she protects them - with her life!

Hearing that a woman read a new book about soul retrieval, and within a day, found my name on an article I wrote for an old health magazine from 2000. She found me, and we've connected and she's on her path.... wow, what a universe!

An amazing sunrise, but even more profoundly, a brilliant sunset...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of School

For once, I was the least tense of all the members of this household, on this, the first day of school... Angeni was overtired and crabby, while Brian was facing a new carpentry/construction contract that requires him to be on very unstable scaffolding. Heights are not his thing (nor mine for that matter). They did their morning routine thing, and I slept in... I functioned like a Beaver Cleaver's mother - no worries except to do laundry, run the dishwasher and prepare a meal. My background business work wasn't going anywhere fast, so I didn't sweat it at all. Well, I did sweat, but because I had an extensive period of fever and gastric distress reminiscent of the 'flu. That was a running experience all weekend (literally and figuratively). Despite feeling ill, it was indeed a wonderful day...

I do have a lot to do this month - finish a portfolio, prepare for a wedding near Fort Erie, and prep a quilt trunk show/class in Fonthill for October. All this, with grant applications and a trip to Toronto to drop off the portfolio and pick up my art objects in Yorkville (I need them for the show in October). I'd love a couple days at a friend's cottage, but I'm not sure that will happen this fall...

Angeni didn't get in with the teacher she was expecting, but instead has a teacher with a grade 3/4 split. She's done a split class for grade 1 and I think that pushed her a little. Angeni is a bright child and needs the additional stimulation.

Everyone is asleep, except me... being Barbara Billingsley for a day was wonderful, but I dare say tomorrow is another day and I'll be back with my ministerial collar and shaman's robe.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labour Day weekend

We are labouring, under the weight of Ernesto, and a season hurtling to an untimely end. It is unseasonably cold here for the first days of September, and as wonderful as it was to have almost no humidity in August, it was significantly cooler than usual. This was not a summer for camping, or beach combing.

I am labouring with a middle ear, sinus thing happening... not good. It isn't the worst version of this kind of illness I've had, but it puts a damper (in different respects from Ernesto) on this wet weekend. After an intense work week this family is a lot stressed, unwell, sore, bruised and cranky.

However, I count my blessings that we are in the free world. Ernesto's wrath devastated a lot of people with the flooding yesterday in the Carolinas... for us it is merely a windy, rainy weekend.

Angeni made it to a local fall fair today and seemed to have fun... tomorrow she goes to a friend's birthday party. For her, the weather is not an issue - she's having fun. And we had some baby chicks born earlier this weekend... here's hoping they survive in this weather shift. Brian is contemplating some rooster stew, as he fears our poultry population is now too high. Angeni would be horrified, so we'll discreetly take the randy rooster up to the farmer's market in Keady and make sure he finds a new home. We have enough pitter patter of neo-raptor toenails in the barn.

Akthough officially summer is yet another 3 weeks long, it feels over. Sigh.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Weird, full-circle lives

Met a woman (Marlene) last night who I hadn't seen in 17 years, possibly more.. she is visiting her daughter in Durham, and they called Brian to do an estimate on some repairs... This same woman hosted a backyard wedding for Brian and his first wife in the early 1970's... during those same years Marlene and I worked together at the Guelph General Hospital. I also patronized the knitting store on Quebec street where Marlene worked part-time - she and I shared a love of knitting. She divorced and decided to open a yarn store of her own in Elora... I married, and am trying to remember whether Marlene was at my wedding, and I think she was... I divorced, had several serious surgeries, and moved to rural Elora. Again, I patronized her shop, as I loved Filatura di Crosa yarns. Her daughter took over running the store as Marlene went back to nursing... By the time I divorced again, I never went back to Elora. It was hard to catch Marlene at the store.

I met and married Brian, and we had Angeni. Fast forward to last night - there, in the same rural town, we go to Marlene's daughter's place for Brian to do his estimate. Marlene has known Brian and I both as individuals, married to other people, and now married to each other - she didn't know we had a child. Now she is thinking of buying a little place in Durham too... she is still running the yarn store in Elora. For sure I'll have to stop on my way through to Guelph, and see what she has there... I'm still knitting and so is she, thirty++ years later. Knitting sweaters and knitting lives that, like a well-made garment, are stitched together. An amazing, small world indeed...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Nearly the end of School break

I miss summer already, and it is still August. Angeni has no more day camp, so she is home with us now for two more weeks - it is Labour Day two weeks from today. We haven't any money to do "fun" things like go to the CNE in Toronto, although with gas prices down a bit, we may squeak a day at the beach. It feels like this precious time is flying by and we can't really enjoy it... there are only so many heart-to-heart talks with the donkey one can make without beginning to feel deprived.

I can go to the gratitiude place - August did boast beautiful weather, with temperatures in our region mainiaining a low-20's place - not really beach weather, but wonderful for sleeping. No real humidity to speak of... the gardens are doing well because there has been enough rain for the plant people. The Sunchokes (Iroquois potatoes/Jerusalem artichokes) have grown past the eavesttrough on the workshop!! This is stunning growth. The calendula beds have responded, and hopefully will bloom before October. A dear friend Ron brought us a tree so Brian can begin the firewood preparation - always stressful for Brian. This summer bounty is all good... and I am grateful to the Creator for these blessings.

Another friend called to say his son was abruptly diagnosed yesterday with acute lymphoblastic leukemia - not a great way for this family to spend the end of their summer. Another friend has had a recurrence of cancer she thought was beaten 4 years ago - another summer bummer. We are blessed with good health - just no work, and facing the possibility of complete career changes so we don't lose the farm. New jobs are much easier problems to face than the health issues.

August is my favourite summer month, normally... not as hot nor humid, fewer work demands, a sense of bounty from the harvests. As a parent I have regrets that this summer will pass without being able to give my child the opportunities and adventures summer can bring. I have faith that next year, Creator willing, we'll be in a less desperate place financially and I can enjoy August again...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Tech savvy - or not

I'm from a generation where only a few neighbourhood homes had TV's when my sister and I were young... mercifully we had a B&W Philco Ford TV, then a colour in time to watch the Beatles on Ed Sullivan... in the mid-70's my highschool friends studied Fortran, a very basic computer programming language... in university it was a big deal to do exams on computer punch cards. By the mid-80's, I was studying Wordstar, Supercalc and some other program on a college computer that had giant record-like disks, and all the speed of a 3-legged turtle. In 20 years I've adapted to an explosion of home technology. However, even I have my limits. While this home has more computers than people in it, and I own a cell phone and ancient Palm device, I am lost when it comes to camera phones, MP3 technology, text messaging and now Blackberries. I feel left out when I hear people refer to the "Blackberry" generation. Apparently these were given out as gifts at the Oscars, and are so expensive that the IRS is saying that the stars owe taxes on these gifts.

An iPod might as well be a new mushroom out in the pine trees.

Who can afford all this stuff? It isn't just the initial outlay for the hardware, but from what I understand, the per call, per message, per song download charges are quite stiff!!! My cell phone might get used once a month, and we have it for taking in the car, in case of emergencies. I don't use it any more than I absolutely have to... I simply can't justify the expense. I love Skype, and all the VOIP capability it carries - I use Skype and it makes sense to me. Free is good, once you've got the headset and eyeball camera.

Maybe by the time Blackberries are nearing extinction, I'll find one in a discount store and be able to tell my grandkids about getting in on the tail-end of Blackberry culture. All while mooning them on my camera phone. Right - when llamas fly.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Birthday Tsunami

It is officially 7 days and counting until Angeni's 8th birthday... we've been counting for weeks, but with this final 7 days, the excitement is peaking. The most fascinating, quirky thing I do for her birthday is create a spreadsheet to dispense equitably the loot for the loot bags... 3 gums each, this one gets lip gloss, that one gets the train whistle, yadda, yadda. Then, there is plugging the confirmed attendees' names into the annual "Pirate Bob" story... Brian reluctantly dresses up to play Capt. Bob. We've done this now for 2 or 3 years, and walk the kids through the woods to various stations. They encounter a troubador, a damsel in distress, a weird pirate in a trailer, and some of the farm animals get written into the story. For all the effort, that part takes maybe 20 minutes, maximum. Oh we have the kids create their own birthday/pirate hats at the beginning of the party. I do break up the lunch time separate from the birthday cake/presents portion, and generally try to keep them amused. It seems to work. This year more than half the kids will arrive about an hour and a half into the party because of sports... their hats will be made by those kids who make it at the beginning... this is a new occurrence.

Of course, A's stash of weird and wonderful birthday presents grows... bits of lego, some fuzzy, glow-in-the-dark slippers, a Pokemon handheld game thing, some Neopet cards... I'm even sewing some pillows covered in Pokemon fabric for her bed. The cake is one of my creature classics, complete with gummy worms, plastic spiders and flies, frogs, fake doo doo and all the nasty/silly things she has come to expect. This from a woman who once taught formal wedding and gingerbread cake decorating at community college. Somehow I revel in the dark humour of my grotesque cake creations. I think it's my inner 8-year-old. A loves it, so that's all that matters.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Copyrighting Healing Traditions

I was appalled to receive a letter asking me to stop teaching Therapeutic Touch, and to remove all mention of it from my website. It seems, the TT Network of Ontario felt it should copyright - yes I mean that - the words "therapeutic touch" to prevent non-members from practicing or teaching this healing art. Do I smell fascism? Whatever I smell, it is rotten - what if the Spiritualist Church slapped a copyright on "Laying-on-hands"? What if everyone who practiced Reiki in the world, whose traditions are passed from teacher to student like a sensei in Martial Arts - what would happen then?

Frankly, this sneaky use of the law should not be allowed to apply to those who have graduated and begun practise prior to the Network imposing a copyright. This presently constitutes something akin to "restraint of trade". Worse, it infringes on nurses who work in hospitals and are not Network members. The aboriginal community also has some interesting perspectives on this act, given that the founder of TT - Dolores Krieger - acknowledges that this practise is based on ancient healing techniques. For those healers in Ontario who feel helpless, help is at hand - I cannot be specific in this forum, however. For information, contact me.

I cannot believe, as a minister, that we would ever come to the point in this society, that the healing of pain needed a membership and adherence to copyright.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Camp Clown-head

I've got a plethora of absurd "pet" names for our hord of pets... the most-used name for the Newf pups is "Clown-Head". Starr believes he is assistant manager of the farm, barking at Brian whenever his inner clock tells him that Brian is late doing something. Starr knows when the school bus will arrive, he knows when it is bed time for the barn babies, and he watches Brian read bedtime stories to Angeni, barking his protests at certain stories. Unfortunately, he starts the morning rising ritual around 4:30 AM - barking to make sure Brian makes it to the barn for equine breakfast. He is hilarious... His sister, Maxine the Drooler, was trained by the ghost of Pavlov. She could win awards for salivating... Normally mellow, Max becomes a disciplinarian to the chickens and cats. Where is Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer?

This past week Angeni has been home - no camp in Hanover. The dogs are delighted to have her here, to run in the swamp with, chase ground hogs, and bring me wonderful things like styrofoam take-out containers from the neighbour's recycling, or headless raccoons (supper?) and other wonderful dog things. Spunky and Pook, although elderly now, contribute in their own ways to the chaos at Camp Clown-head. Sigh...

Unfortunately, that makes me camp director.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Fire Down Below

We went to community fireworks in Holstein yesterday (the event was rained out on Canada Day) and it was amazing. The fireworks were exploded over a lake, in the park, so we got the initial colour show, but also a secondary reflected effect. Small town gatherings are so wonderful... Angeni was impatient to have everything begin, as she felt this cut into her beauty sleep - she is the only child on the planet who doesn't think that getting to stay up late is a treat. Anyway, after 83 requests to her father of "when is this going to start?" the show got underway. Lot's of oooh and aaahhs.

The only downside is this is in the middle of farm country - I felt for those horses, cows and all the animals who would be frightened by the thunderous cannon-shot, bomb-like sounds. I hope they are alright...

As for me, I've been a mess of mosquito bites, to the point of my lips swelling... I've itched all over and the bites are the size of butter plates. A trip to Mount Forest and some Reactine later, the itching has subsided somewhat, although the swelling remains the same. The odd thing is, I was wearing long pants, but Angeni and Brian were in shorts - neither of them were aware of being bitten, nor had any similar fall-out. Even my feet were covered in bites - they still burn (hence, the fire down below).

Anyway, a wonderful centennial for Holstein and an amazing Canada Day!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Last Day of Grade 2

June 28th today, and we picked up our daughter from school - her final day of Grade 2. It was hard for me to express in an adequate way, what a wonderful role model her teacher, Mrs. Wise, was... a powerful female presence who made a tremendous impact on my daughter. Mrs. Wise was also a mentor of the best kind, one who nudged Angeni out of a place of shyness, to being an important member of her class - even demonstrating leadership. Our little family gift felt inadequate, somehow...

I was glad to hear that this gifted teacher is remaining at the same school to share her light with junior kindergarten children. When a teacher is as good as this one is/was for a child, it is amazing how that little blossom grows.

And now we look forward to something like 67 days of summer to fill... eeek!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Miracle of Life

This past week we witnessed the birth of a baby chick - the first of its kind born here at Moonstar... We've had a lot of births from much larger animals, but this was awesome. The hen sat on 2 eggs, without moving from them, for 4 weeks - Brian took her food daily to keep up her strength. Not knowing the gestation period of poultry eggs, I called the vat to ask, and that same morning the miracle happened... This was the hen's first chick... of the 2 eggs, one was not viable; she knew that somehow, and walked away. Brian checked the forlorn egg, and it was definitely a bad one.

Nature in all her majesty and beauty, for sure. We had llama crias born who were up and running within an hour, usually feeding, with the mother knowing to cut their cord. Very sacred stuff...

As for baby chick he is about 5 days old today, and seems to be feeding by himself, with mom ever-vigilant. She's probably a better mom than I am.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Summer Solstice

8:26 AM Wednesday, June 21st (DST) we blow into summer... I welcome this beautiful time, hoping the humidity stays at bay. We had a small group attend our annual inipi (or sweatlodge) yesterday, and the feast was awesome. While this may well be our last sweat for quite awhile, we are pleased to see the old traditions carry on.

It is hard to believe that in a week our daughter graduates grade 2. She loves school so much, and misses her friends when the long weeks of summer seem to drag for her... at least it is broken up by daycamp.

As we welcome Shawnodese, coyote trickster, into the medicine wheel on Wednesday, I wish for you growth, joy, illumination and connection with family, in whatever form that takes. Work AND play, take time for rest especially when it is humid, and enjoy Turtle Mother Earth. I look forward to meeting lots of people at the weddings I do, and the gatherings we attend.

Peace be with you all!! Kateri

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Small, or Large, Successes

I'm very grateful for the amazing shamanic gathering... We watched a videotaped edition of the ghost show in which our healing tradition was highlighted, as it related to the young woman who sought our help... Stunned silence, like a paradigm shift perhaps... watching the faces of the shaman I train, watching the outcome of their gifted work. A definite high point to the weekend. And then I made venison for lunch, with shitake mushrooms and brown rice. Amazing stuff to add to our gathering and feast. For now we work on a Haida dance quilt, or robe, for a member of the community battling cancer. We are trying to create for her the same healing that was chronicalled on television for out client. Creator willing, she will dance a dance of healing on summer solstice, in her Haida robe, showing the glyph of a cougar.

Powerful times, great love and I'm really tired tonight.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Last Weekend in May

Yikes!! I can hardly fathom how quickly this month is flying by!! Working on a CV for my art portfolio, doing beadwork on a quilt (and reworking the hem to decide I liked it better the way it was), and trying to prepare for our shamanic gathering on the weekend. Wow... Poor Brian has spent a frustrating day worrying about and trying to fix a tap set in the trailer we have for use by guests. He is very fussy about everything being pristine, and that is only ethical. The trailer is show-room beautiful... but his endeavours today were like a bad episode of Murphy's Plumbing Law, and he made 5 trips into town for parts. Here's hoping it goes together for him - he has never struggled with plumbing like this before...

Our daughter has 4 weeks left of school, and it is only 3 weeks until our sacred inipi (sweatlodge) to honour summer solstice and National Aboriginal Day. And next week another trip to Toronto with finished quilts and artwork, and that much anticipated portfolio to be handed in... and an artisans conference. Exciting busy times, and this is the last weekend in May... eeeekkk!!!