Sunday, May 28, 2006

Small, or Large, Successes

I'm very grateful for the amazing shamanic gathering... We watched a videotaped edition of the ghost show in which our healing tradition was highlighted, as it related to the young woman who sought our help... Stunned silence, like a paradigm shift perhaps... watching the faces of the shaman I train, watching the outcome of their gifted work. A definite high point to the weekend. And then I made venison for lunch, with shitake mushrooms and brown rice. Amazing stuff to add to our gathering and feast. For now we work on a Haida dance quilt, or robe, for a member of the community battling cancer. We are trying to create for her the same healing that was chronicalled on television for out client. Creator willing, she will dance a dance of healing on summer solstice, in her Haida robe, showing the glyph of a cougar.

Powerful times, great love and I'm really tired tonight.

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