Saturday, October 21, 2006

Niagara and nasal nastiness....

Still struggling with my sinus infection - more than half way through the antiobiotics and they are doing nothing... so things are worse, not better. Sigh. This is going for 4 weeks now...

I managed the Niagara trip, fevers and all. I was about 40 km north of the devastation that hit Fort Erie and Port Colborne... still a lot of trees down. My heartfelt sympathies go to those in Buffalo who still do not have hydro, even today!!!

Anyway, the events at the quilt guild went swimmingly. Despite the heat of the auditorium, I did the trunk show. It was supposed to be 45 minutes and went over time, even with an abbreviated show. It seemed to be well-received. The workshop in Fonthill had 6 registrants, but one lady was away having surgery. There were two guild assistants at the workshop, so it was cozy and intimate. I chose to drive home on Thursday, despite being in rush hour on the 406/403 and in a downpour. The weather improved as I got home, making driving safer.

It is a beautiful weekend... my husband is being barn maintenance guy, Angeni is harvesting medicine flowers, and I'm in a mood to cook. A quality family time!!!

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