Tuesday, October 31, 2006

EST, PSI, ESP and Me

There are some months I generally "like" better than others... I really like August, and it never is 100% clear what the specific appeal is. I know that the humidity is waning, and the days are still lovely and long, but that isn't "it" entirely... There is a push to get in those summer activities and a quieting of my spirit. It's relaxing, I guess.

I don't fancy November most years. My father was born in November, but that bears no relevance... post-summer, pre-winter, and I ache a lot during November. It is too early to be excited about the festive holidays. The yard seems dirty, and my plants die outside - that's a big part of it - not being able to stop the plants dying. It's raw, wet and gritty.

February starts as a dead month, but the energies of the earth start shifting at Valentines Day (which has nothing to do with Valentines Day) and I feel a stirring, the earth awakening. I like that time, and being Pisces that energy shift in early March is a rush. June is a wonderful month - not yet hot, but the plants are in and growing...

I find this first week of November with the return to Eastern Standard Time a difficult adjustment, frankly. This morning I was awake extra early which is very unusual for me... I heard Pooky coughing a lot, which concerned me, and I had to spike Angeni's hair for school, but it is more than this... I don't sleep easily or well during the first part of the night, so my early morning sleep is essential, if I am to function properly. That doesn't happen with the time adjustment. I'm fine with the spring shift to DST.

During this spook time, I notice a lot more EVP with the channelling work. This is Electronic Voice Phenomena - and I welcome the participation of the spirits when channelling for others. But they can leave my car keys on the hook, and my toothbrush in the drawer, and stop ringing the phone for no reason. That comes under the heading of PK, or psychokinesis. My head still hurts from all the weekend channelling - we certainly worked hard for the people here in visitation (both corporeal and non-corporeal).

Another patient arrives, and then we're off to replace the kettle that I shorted out - by looking at it. Oh dear.

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