Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ah, the Anniversary Waltz

For whatever dark shadowy reason, Brian and I have never made it out to a fancy restaurant for our anniversary... we were either too strapped for cash, working, or had a small child with no childcare... This year we were going to do it right - we have childcare, and Brian was going to make the reservation about 3 weeks ago. He forgot until yesterday, and of course, the only fancy restaurant around is booked solid because of corporate Christmas functions. We were even going to dress up (almost unbelievable). He's got a nice gift, might spring for flowers, but is really very sick with a cold... So with no restaurant dinner plans, but with childcare, we're going to do a dinner here... I've decided I'd like to do the Christmas baking together with him for our time together. It's anniversary #11, and last year's day sucked - Brian broke his ankle, we had to euthanize our cat, and the best dinner we could muster was Chinese food - eaten with a heavily grieving child, and parents who were not too far behind her, emotionally.

Here's hoping he's not too sick for our big day on Saturday...

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