Monday, June 26, 2006

Miracle of Life

This past week we witnessed the birth of a baby chick - the first of its kind born here at Moonstar... We've had a lot of births from much larger animals, but this was awesome. The hen sat on 2 eggs, without moving from them, for 4 weeks - Brian took her food daily to keep up her strength. Not knowing the gestation period of poultry eggs, I called the vat to ask, and that same morning the miracle happened... This was the hen's first chick... of the 2 eggs, one was not viable; she knew that somehow, and walked away. Brian checked the forlorn egg, and it was definitely a bad one.

Nature in all her majesty and beauty, for sure. We had llama crias born who were up and running within an hour, usually feeding, with the mother knowing to cut their cord. Very sacred stuff...

As for baby chick he is about 5 days old today, and seems to be feeding by himself, with mom ever-vigilant. She's probably a better mom than I am.

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