Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Post Hallowe'en Observations

I found Hallowe'en evening to be quiet in the physical dimension, but rife with spirits. My father, dead since 1989, joined Angeni and I in the back of the van for about 10 seconds. She was impressed, and introduced herself to "Mr. uh.. Grandpa". The weather was marvelous, she got her annual picture taken at the grocery store, and we had a great time... The teenaged son of a client appeared in her healing yesterday. He committed suicide earlier this year, and wanted his own appointment for help into the dream time - this took me by surprise - but we are dealing with him tomorrow, in a scheduled ceremony. Tomorrow is "All Souls Day", and therefore it should be easy to get him help.

Today is "All Saints Day", and I received an email from a person who sees themselves the victim of spirits. I am amazed by how many ways people can play the victim card, including using the spirits. In reflection, I've seen myself as a victim in the past, and work hard not to perpetuate that old tape from childhood. But dealing with "victim of spirit" card is another matter, and I cannot reinforce the opposite perspective too strongly. We are mightier than any earth-bound spirit, as a part and parcel of God energy, so nothing should cause us fear. Certain spirits require prudent handling and specific prayer rituals, but these are low-level, 2-dimensional spirits who prey on, and use our fear to give them strength, because they are projections from us. All souls go to the Infinite Light and after their Life Review, have that epiphany - there are no "evil souls", just people who did evil things, and now learn from them.

We are not separate from God, but a part of God, and therefore, nothing untoward can harm us unless we let it.

Should be an interesting day, as I prepare my angel channelling course for Saturday.

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