Friday, November 03, 2006

Miraculous Masterminds

The calendula florets didn't get rescued until today, and went straight into the crock to make the skin cream... this batch will yield about 16 jars, enough to get me through the Christmas season orders, with what is there on the shelf. Brian felt like helping, which is a HUGE boost to me, so we made the hummus together - also 16 jars worth, and enough extra for a little TV snack tonight. I've decided to pull out another crock to make a big load of native-style chili to serve at the angel course tomorrow. With a few minor additions, and some fry bread, we'll have a festive supper of Indian Tacos tomorrow night... some friends are staying after the course to help Brian celebrate his 60th birthday, which is Tuesday... It is hard to believe he's going to be 60.

All the prep for the angel class happened yesterday, and the house is tidied (if not perfectly clean), so I have little left to do, except some reading review. I like to review my notes thoroughly before teaching, because every version of a course, especially where channelling is involved, differs every time I teach it. This is a good thing - keeps me on my toes, and stops a sense of complacency among my students. Life circumstances change, so the angels have different things to say, especially with the acceleration of spiritual vibration on the planet right now. I find their assistance so helpful when I teach - gets me over the worthiness bumps.

So we're off shopping for birthday dinner ingredients and back in time for my ghost shows! It's been a wonderful, productive day.

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