Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labour Day weekend

We are labouring, under the weight of Ernesto, and a season hurtling to an untimely end. It is unseasonably cold here for the first days of September, and as wonderful as it was to have almost no humidity in August, it was significantly cooler than usual. This was not a summer for camping, or beach combing.

I am labouring with a middle ear, sinus thing happening... not good. It isn't the worst version of this kind of illness I've had, but it puts a damper (in different respects from Ernesto) on this wet weekend. After an intense work week this family is a lot stressed, unwell, sore, bruised and cranky.

However, I count my blessings that we are in the free world. Ernesto's wrath devastated a lot of people with the flooding yesterday in the Carolinas... for us it is merely a windy, rainy weekend.

Angeni made it to a local fall fair today and seemed to have fun... tomorrow she goes to a friend's birthday party. For her, the weather is not an issue - she's having fun. And we had some baby chicks born earlier this weekend... here's hoping they survive in this weather shift. Brian is contemplating some rooster stew, as he fears our poultry population is now too high. Angeni would be horrified, so we'll discreetly take the randy rooster up to the farmer's market in Keady and make sure he finds a new home. We have enough pitter patter of neo-raptor toenails in the barn.

Akthough officially summer is yet another 3 weeks long, it feels over. Sigh.

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