Saturday, April 29, 2006

When Donkeys Pout...

On our busy farm we recently sold off the llama herd, and adopted Mabel the hunter/jumper dressage champ. Although gelded this made Lucky (the Arabian) VERY happy. Jujube (the mini donkey) is not a-flutter with romantic bliss. His big buddy is paying more attention to THAT GIRL. Juby behaves like Eeyore - sad, head down, and slightly withdrawn. We are attempting to help him through the little ass blues with lots of extra scratches, personal walks through the pasture, and out-and-out bribery in the form of carrots. There will be no Jenny for Jujube, pout as he might. Mercifully the chickens could care less...

Spiritual Integrity

It amazes me how I get e-mail from people expecting that I will answer their question because they are in a panic... I am glad people trust me as a confidante and advisor, but e-mailing in a panic doesn't really solve anything. First, I refuse to channel for responses in a situation like that - if the querent is truly interested in information, the right thing to do is make an appointment, we sit down and channel properly. Granted, not everyone lives near me, but the point is, I won't negatively reinforce the upset person who isn't taking steps to solve the issue. The self-responsibility issue raises its head - I could channel for information on what is coming, but that always depends on the actions we take, so the outcome changes with every thought and step we take (or don't take).

Moving ourselves through difficult situations requires a PERSONAL dialogue with God/Creator/Great Mystery/Wankan Tanka (whoever one sees as Source). We need to sit with calmness when facing crisis, and this takes practice and self-control. Giving in to anxiety is a knee-jerk response and serves only to increase adrenalin levels, keep us awake, and worse - psychic chaos.

I cannot be expected to act as an intermediary with Creator. I will not ask for divine intervention for situations that aren't a medical emergency (like selling a house). I will counsel a person on what appears to be their Shadow issues in a situation, and how they might unlock feeling stuck, by changing their approach.

By not giving into these requests, I keep my inbox relatively clear of panic-filled emails, and maintain boundaries. This is one aspect of spiritual integrity
. I would rather act in guidance to assist someone with their process, then hand them an answer - giving someone these tools allows them to grow in spiritual integrity.

Friday, April 28, 2006

"W" channel shines

Great evening of mediumship, paranormal investigation and recapitulation on W network. This channel has a wonderful line-up, 4 hours long every Friday evening from 7 PM to 11 PM... It starts with Ghostly Encounters at 7 PM, Rescue Mediums at 7:30 PM, Most Haunted at 8 PM, two more shows on psychic investigation, and finally Derek Acorah's Ghost Town. I started invezstigating the paranormal in 1978, when I attended university, and trained as a Spiritualist Medium - my aboriginal traditions are blessedly full of teachings on spirit. So I delight in thoughtful, intelligent tv that showcases the talents of gifted mediums who do the same work that I've done for nearly 30 years. For all of us, it is the ability to send trapped souls into the light, which is our goal. Harmony is helped in all dimensions. A great night of tv - forcing me to get all my work done on an upcoming class on Shadow & Tarot... pleasant dreams!

Ramblings of a Ghostie Gal

Welcome to my first-ever weblog (blog)!!! Here at the Lodge we do so many interesting things in aboriginal spirituality, paranormal work and education that there are lots of things I'd like to share... Not to mention, animal nonsense and upcoming events, pictures from events already past, announcements and more!

One of the recent happenings concerns the sale of our llamas. Yes, the last of our original herd is gone to a new home near Dornoch, Ontario. We are pleased to shift focus and add to our barn the lovely Mabel, a spunky thoroughbred of 14 who joins Jujube the mini donkey and Lucky the Arabian horse. Fewer mouths to feed, and I have enough llama/alpaca yarn to last into my 80's.

Having llamas was an intense experiment with an enormous amount of learning. If it was a flukey problem we experienced it, from prolapsed uteruses to tuberculosis, premature births to premature deaths. Angeni certainly has gained wisdom around the cycle of life, as have Snow Eagle and I - as hard as it was, llama herding was the experience of a lifetime.