Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wrestling in Varney

So what ever happened to Saturday afternoon wrestling? I'm forced to watch Food Network. Right - wrasslin' with clams on Ricardo's show.

I made the party food, wrapped the gifts, and sent Brian and Angeni off to visit his family... I am home with my dogs, cats, chickens, equines and various spooks, having a much more reasonable day. There are still cookies and mincemeat to bake but I can flow with my afternoon... laundry has happened and dishes are caught up, so all is well. No in-laws for me this year... With a few hours to myself I will wrap Brian's presents allowing me to put all that stuff away. Last year he and I were wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve. We're ahead of schedule this year.

We are having a collective family nap, momentarily... once the laundry is transferred. I can dream about wrestling shows of the past.... ZZZZZZZ

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