Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Complicated Nuptuals

I've never had a wedding to do that has been as complicated as the one pending this autumnal equinox weekend. Firstly, it is 5 hours away, and a beach wedding - I have trepidation about the weather, frankly. Indoor alternatives are really only tents for 250 people... the reception is in a tent as well... meaning if it is cold and damp, these guests will be basically outside something like 10 hours in the cold, maybe more... I'm really clear that lone Aboriginal minister or not, I won't do this again... too much time away from home, too much organizing for the week ahead, too many people's lives altered to accommodate this extravaganza... Friday is the big trip and the rehearsal on the beach... Saturday is the wedding. Saturday night the dinner (we won't stay for the reception) and we're staying over in a cottage because it is too late to drive all the way home... Home doesn't happen until Sunday early afternoon. In future brides and grooms can come here (but not with 250 people!!).

Anyway, it will be fun...

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