Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sleepy Sunday

I wish my sinuses would let me sleep in, on this sleepy Sunday... got up early and made breakfast of the remaining fry bread from Brian's birthday dinner, and covered it with bacon, eggs and cheese - YUM. We had errands in Hanover, and Brian found his birthday gift, a wonderful wood lathe. He got it for a song, so he's really happy. I found a mechanics magnet suitable for my canning pot - it has a long flexible handle. We are having a quiet weekend eating leftovers and tidying up after the angel class. It was an intense teaching day, to be sure.

Tonight I am attempting to teach a friend how to knit. This should be interesting. It would be a great evening to curl up by the fire with a good book, as we are all under the weather, but we'll share some time with my friend and watch a bit of TV - I have to see what's out there in the big world sometimes. We're getting a reprieve from the snow and cold of last week so Brian plans to do his winter prep for the barn and house.

I'm looking forward to a week of art and design. Here's hoping that comes to pass.

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