Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Weird and funky...

I was unsuccessful with my OAC grant, but I have an opportunity to review it with the co-ordinator and try for the next deadline in February, if I decide to put myself through that again... A disappointment, to be sure. But the upside is my gallery show, and I'll keep on truckin' once I get my Bernina fixed....

I read an article about how people under 30 socialize, and basically many of them use MySpace to share information, blog and network. This was not my kind of format, but a community of people I communicate with had the main website go down, and we all got redirected to MySpace. I struggled my way through the set-up, but I see myself removing the site when the community I belong to goes back to the regular format. On MySpace I feel like an old fish out of water... I'm functioning under a nom-de-plume, for safety sake.

Up to my ass (and I don't mean Jujube) in Christmas prep... trying to get family gift baskets done, remember the teacher, bus driver, and whoever else, perhaps the postman. To add to the pressure we went into the school for a morning assembly where Angeni introduced her class in French, and they proceeded to do a dance with pig masks on. It was a lengthy assembly, and the little ones are getting antsy - lots of kids pulled to the side, and tears over being kicked, and whatever they do to each other instead of paying attention. It was a struggle to get there for 9 AM, with the morning barn chores, but we did, and I'm glad. Having video of Angeni dancing in a pig mask has to be worth some potential blackmail when she's about ... hmmm... 15?

I'm enjoying my Tuesday night ghost shows, so better get back to that... spooks don't wait!!

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