Thursday, October 29, 2020

Halowe'en 2020 full moon reading

Wow, the times they are a-changing (the season too).  This weekend we have a wild spirit ride, & the opportunity to turn  clocks back an hour.  So here is the video link:   

If I understand correctly, the provincial government has reached second reading on a bill to change us permanently to Daylight Savings Time, we just need co-operation from New York State and Quebec.  Perhaps this is a good thing... at least those who must commute to work in daytime will at least drive home in the light.   The day will still always have 24 hours regardless of what the clock says... ;) 

Angeni is back at Trent, in Peterborough after a quick jaunt home.  I think Angeni missed Gandhi, the aaucy cat.  He is quite the love bug.  It's hard to believe they are in their 5th year at university!  Time is changing and flying by...

We're still offering free mental/spiritual health support for those in distress during this ongoing pandemic.  Contact me througn for details and to set up a Skype call (also free).  

It's a busy week, so have a fun weekend, stay safe and enjoy the ancestors who visit through the veil.

Blessings, Kathryn


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Part 2 of the Medicine Wheel series

 Brian just posted the second part of the medicine wheel series I created specifically to help teach about the spiritual cosmology found within the indigenous teachings of Turtle Island.  You can find it here:

Should you have specific questions about the wheel, by all means contact us at, and I will add your questions into the discussion in part 3.


Enjoy! Kathryn