Sunday, December 03, 2006

Robbie Robertson

We watched a Biography channel retrospective with Robbie Robertson being interviewed by a music anthropologist from (I believe) York University. Interesting show, but lacked the depth I'd hoped to experience - I was hoping for some personal sharing. I'm a rabid fan of Robbie's because of his daring exposure of Native Music - the underground rhythms and subcultural contexts have been missing from world music. He has pushed to modernize our music, and not keep it in the past... for this I am grateful. While his work with "The Band" was seminal, his native music has been so much more... I'd love to meet Robbie some day...

It's been a quiet few days... our meet-the-teacher interview was on Friday, and this went better than I expected. Angeni is a bright, advanced child, but perceives herself differently, so she was nervous. Brian has been ill with the same cold I battled 6 weeks ago. I still have the trapezius muscle neuralgia, causing visual disturbances, dizziness and nausea, although this is hopefully abating. Thankfully Angeni is fine... She attended a Santa Claus make-and-take yesterday and had a visit with Santa, so she feels in the Christmas spirit. I still can't believe all my shopping is done - except for a can of Spam. A certain friend of mine receives a can of Spam every year in her stocking... I send it one holiday, and throughout the year we give it back and forth until the dogs or cats get it. A peccadillo of strange proportions, and it's only funny to us.

Although the shopping is done, the Christmas sewing isn't - I have six placemats and a table runner to do, along with a bathroom valance and dust curtain. With my show just next week, I am stalling off the sewing until I return from Toronto - the earliest I can do sewing will be a week from today. I also have a Metis ceremonial shirt to finish, as the sleeves were too short for my friend Robert. I'm scrambling to find the right material for the plaquets, and perhaps this will happen in Toronto next week.

I have a pot roast cooking, the dishes and laundry are done for the day, the house is fairly tidy, and the fire is roaring - important to keep the house warm on this blustery day... I was pleased to see my calendula bloomed right up until Dec. 1st, as did the outdoor cauldron full of violas. I hate to see them die, but it is the season for change.

Must tend to the fire and make some lunch for the gang...

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