Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Last Day of Grade 2

June 28th today, and we picked up our daughter from school - her final day of Grade 2. It was hard for me to express in an adequate way, what a wonderful role model her teacher, Mrs. Wise, was... a powerful female presence who made a tremendous impact on my daughter. Mrs. Wise was also a mentor of the best kind, one who nudged Angeni out of a place of shyness, to being an important member of her class - even demonstrating leadership. Our little family gift felt inadequate, somehow...

I was glad to hear that this gifted teacher is remaining at the same school to share her light with junior kindergarten children. When a teacher is as good as this one is/was for a child, it is amazing how that little blossom grows.

And now we look forward to something like 67 days of summer to fill... eeek!!!

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