Sunday, August 06, 2017

Of Wacky celestial happenings...

Meteors, Eclipses, and Lion’s Gate – Oh My!
There is a plethora of information accumulating online [especially via social media and blogs] concerning the imminent opening of Lion’s Gate Portal, the partial lunar eclipse tomorrow during full moon, the amazing Perseid meteor showers, 5 planets going retrograde during this period - all culminating with the full solar eclipse on August 21 – which coincides with new moon. With so much information out there I would normally not weigh in on the subject publicly; however, it behooves me to speak on some matters that add to this discourse because I follow lunar astrology in addition to solar astrology.
There is a dearth of information on aboriginal lunar aspects, as far as I can find…
Let me backtrack and make this a bit personal.  19 years ago today I went into labour a month and a half prematurely. In 1998 we had a similar collection of celestial events over a 4 or 5 day period which I knew about many months in advance [thanks to my Llewellyn annual lunar guidebook]. I’d gone so far as to warn my obstetrician at McMaster - as early as March - that I had concerns about going into labour during this celestial convergence in August ’98.  I told him about our aboriginal traditions around lunar astrology and the influence of the moon on rupturing membranes.  He pooh-poohed me and said it was much too early in the pregnancy for that to happen and not to worry.  Needless to say when we finally drove to McMaster on August 11 to have my daughter he gave me a very quizzical look. So much for birthing at the end of September 1998!
That celestial event in August 19 years at ago was not anywhere near as powerful as this pending Lion’s Gate phenomena.  I often talk to my students about preparing oneself for the psychospiritual impact of events like this and likening it to being a surfer off the coast of Hawaii. One wants to be the surfer on the top of the wave hanging 10 and experiencing the best damned surf of their life. One does not want to be the unfortunate surfer who is pummelled by the waves, dragged beneath by the undertow and having their derrière chomped on by great white sharks. To paraphrase, one either rides these waves or is drowned by them.
I’m not a professional astrologer but I do know my way around an astrological solar chart.  I’m more at home with lunar charts and aboriginal aspects and these are the bits of information missing from the mainstream glut on social media. 
In a perfect year we would have a New Moon coinciding with winter solstice on December 21. However this year the 1st moon of the New Year was not until December 29/16. In a perfect year we would be in the 9th moon cycle called “Harvest Time Moon”. The grandmother of the 9th moon cycle is called “Setting Sun Woman”. So we are actually still in the 8th moon cycle known as “Hot Weather Moon” and governed by the grandmother “She Who Heals”.
How divinely synchronistic is this! She Who Heals is the grandmother in governance during this time of celestial and lunar convergences of a kind and type we have not experienced in decades, if not centuries!  Who better to appeal to for support and help as we ride the spiritual surf? Who better to keep us on top of that proverbial surfboard?
Let me provide her curriculum vitae for you.  She Who Heals is:
Ø the intuitive healer, midwife, herbalist, keeper of the healing arts, the singer of the death song and keeper of the life-and-death mysteries,
Ø The guardian of the medicine routes and healing herbs as the servant of humankind,
Ø the mother of intuition, all rites of passage, cycles of birth, death and rebirth.
She teaches us:
Ø how to serve others with a happy heart using our healing abilities,
Ø how to understand and honour the life cycles of birth, death, and rebirth,
Ø how to believe in the miracles of life through our connections to our spiritual essences,
Ø how to understand the plant kingdom and the healing uses of all parts of plants
Ø how to serve the truth.
So how does one manage in these times of “Winds and Changes”? There are number of ways to walk the medicine wheel over the next few weeks.  If you think of the wheel in terms of a guide, then you need to look at physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual methods of dealing with these intense energies that are pelting the earth. Let’s break it down a little bit…
Physical options include things like overhauling one’s diet immediately.  Not necessarily huge changes but eliminating those foods just for a few weeks that cause us to slow down and feel sluggish.  Opt out of those red meat burgers, pop and fries. Pick a veggie burger and salad.  We’re coming into corn moon, so eating with the season is ideal.  Grab those fresh veggies out of the garden because our next moon time is called Harvest Moon.  Eating with the season puts you in rhythm with the earth so physically that’s very healing… Go for some hikes in the woods…  Take your shoes off and feel the damp pine needles beneath your feet…  Breathe deeply and try to just be in nature like this for 20 minutes.  Standing in water up to your ankles at your favourite beach helps stimulate the meridians which travel up through the body. Let your body feel the peace. Get lots of sleep. 
As we walk around the medicine wheel and look at some emotional supports for these celestial occurrences, take stock of the things/people which trigger you.  If it’s time for some emotional housekeeping these are the energies to do it in.  Take stock of the drama creators and energy vampires.  Just as we purge our homes of unwanted belongings and worn out things, so must we also eliminate the people in our lives whose energies no longer serve us.  Love and compassion are key - what you send out you get back 10,000 fold - but you can love from a distance. Ask She Who Heals to help you heal broken relationships and circumstances which cause you emotional distress. 
A very practical intellectual thing to do is set up an altar space in your home.  It doesn’t have to be huge! Grab a favourite candle, some matches, a couple of favourite crystals, incense and a holder.  Ask for a feather, an angelic apport, and place a photo of a loved one on the altar.  Put your Oracle cards there. Find a small box or bowl into which you place pieces of paper with focused thoughts. (Colette Baron-Reid calls these boxes “God boxes”]. What we think we manifest.  Here is a chance for the mental clarity these energies can provide to stimulate clear goals. Write those goals on the slips of paper and put them in the box.  During these few weeks of wild energies come back to this altar several times a day if you need to and use the slips of paper to help you stay focused.  Light the candle! Hold the crystal and breathe into it!  If in the clarity of your visions you find your objectives changing consider this a bonus! She Who Heals can assist with these objectives by providing clarity and bringing light where the ego would keep us in shadow.
Spiritually it’s important to use these celestial energies to stay mindfully in the moment.  If you meditate once a day increase it twice a day. If you use Oracle cards pull them out, dust them off and invest some time with your higher self.  Talk to She Who Heals while you work with your Oracle cards. Take those junkets in the forest as an opportunity to do a walking meditation and pray. Read a spiritual text you’ve always wanted - attend an outdoor ceremony.  Listen to music which inspires you…
Having said all that I’ll let you in on what I plan to do.  On Tuesday I’m taking a wild woman shamanic boat trip out of Midland up to Parry Sound.  I want to be on the water and in the land of the ancestors where earth and sky meet rock and water.  I haven’t done a cruise for years and the wheelchair makes it difficult but I will do this.  Brian is making me a special God box as he fine-tunes his smudge kits for the upcoming studio tour.  He’s taking me to the beach close by where I can take the chair right down to the water’s edge and stand up in the surf.  I’m writing and using the energies to create a book - whether I have the book finished by August 21st is another matter.  At the emotional level I am severing ties with all kinds of people/places/things from the past using compassion and forgiveness in the heart of sacred ceremonies bringing those actions into this dimension.  We will celebrate our daughter’s 19th birthday on August 11.  It’s not lost on me that numerologically that date equals “1” and 19 equals “1” – new beginnings. It’s her 1st day of adulthood and in a matter of days she moves to Peterborough to continue her schooling.  New beginnings all around.  I’m encouraging her to use these energies to stay on top of the giant wave and surf her way to success.
All these solar and lunar celestial energies are acting like a catapult.  May you be blessed in these Ascension times.
Love and light, Kathryn