Sunday, October 01, 2006

Does this ever end?

It's 4:12 AM Durham time, and I've just ended a relationship with a cup of Neo-Citran. My husband was a party to this clandestine rendezvous... having brought us together a mere hour ago - and lies beside me, even as I write, oblivious to the post-nasal drip afterglow of bronchial bliss.

It all started with Bob, I'm ashamed to say... Bob (the cat) popped in around 9 PM, but felt he had to blow this pop stand around 2 AM... I was just having a quick washroom blitz and heard the mournful wails of my feline snuggler. This got Super Starr going, and I woke Brian. All 4 dogs had to help Daddy let the cat out, and escort said feline into the trees... and while they were out, it was expedient to use that time to whiz and bark at falling leaves.

Despite the cacophony, Mr. Bill (another cat) decides to come in... visit with me lovingly... but bolt at the sound of cat crunchies filling his bowl. Once sated, Bill asked to go out, which lasted less than a minute. One boiled kettle later, Brian (aka the good knight) returned with my cup of Neo-Citran only to discover that he may have left Pooky outside... downstairs he goes, upstairs he comes, groaning. Max is pawing at the empty water dish. Dutifully the grumpy knight fills the cannister and comes back to bed. All this upstairs/downstairs mayhem takes 20 minutes.

We're all settled again - Brian is snoring, Nonny Cat has gone downstairs, Pooky rests in my office chair, and the large dogs are all asleep. I started this, and I end this midnight rendezvous. Oh, but first another tissue...

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