Saturday, September 16, 2006


For once in my life I'm beginning to have periods of body warmth - this is something rare for someone with serious anaemia. My husband, who is much more active and physically vigorous is normally the one who "runs hot"... My metabolism is speeding up, and I've also started to lose weight. Maybe it's burning off literally - yippee. I don't lament this time. It is that passage that means no more children, but I grieved it when my daughter was born, because Brian got the big snip even before she was born. That was a panic move for a man of 52 with a grown daughter and a grandson older than his second daughter... We regret his choice not for the birth control issue, but because he developed post-operative complications which have taken years to solve.

It doesn't matter whether my hot mamma spells are from the herbs I take for my metabolism or from menopause - I'm warm at last. And if this is the worst of it, since I have no other symptoms, then bring it on!!

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