Monday, August 21, 2006

Nearly the end of School break

I miss summer already, and it is still August. Angeni has no more day camp, so she is home with us now for two more weeks - it is Labour Day two weeks from today. We haven't any money to do "fun" things like go to the CNE in Toronto, although with gas prices down a bit, we may squeak a day at the beach. It feels like this precious time is flying by and we can't really enjoy it... there are only so many heart-to-heart talks with the donkey one can make without beginning to feel deprived.

I can go to the gratitiude place - August did boast beautiful weather, with temperatures in our region mainiaining a low-20's place - not really beach weather, but wonderful for sleeping. No real humidity to speak of... the gardens are doing well because there has been enough rain for the plant people. The Sunchokes (Iroquois potatoes/Jerusalem artichokes) have grown past the eavesttrough on the workshop!! This is stunning growth. The calendula beds have responded, and hopefully will bloom before October. A dear friend Ron brought us a tree so Brian can begin the firewood preparation - always stressful for Brian. This summer bounty is all good... and I am grateful to the Creator for these blessings.

Another friend called to say his son was abruptly diagnosed yesterday with acute lymphoblastic leukemia - not a great way for this family to spend the end of their summer. Another friend has had a recurrence of cancer she thought was beaten 4 years ago - another summer bummer. We are blessed with good health - just no work, and facing the possibility of complete career changes so we don't lose the farm. New jobs are much easier problems to face than the health issues.

August is my favourite summer month, normally... not as hot nor humid, fewer work demands, a sense of bounty from the harvests. As a parent I have regrets that this summer will pass without being able to give my child the opportunities and adventures summer can bring. I have faith that next year, Creator willing, we'll be in a less desperate place financially and I can enjoy August again...

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