Tuesday, September 06, 2016

University starts

The kid has flown the coop, fledged the nest, dipped her toes in the waters of adulthood...  Angeni just turned 18 in mid-August and as of Labour Day weekend she's off to university,  We don't feel the empty nesting yet...  less laundry, fewer dishes, the house is quieter and we are back to work.  I am sure we'll miss her more as things settle into a pattern.  I cannot believe how quickly time has flown - this is the focus of my amazement around all of this shift.  Only 15 years ago we finally got her out of diapers!

I look at Brian and see a man turning 70 shortly.  A vibrant man, still climbing on the roof and doing his wood art...  loading and unloading the fledgling at school, and being "the guy".  He looks after me, now that I need the power wheelchair.  I look at my face, turning 60 next year, and it doesn't look too bad yet.  I tell myself the wrinkles are from weight loss, not aging!  Hahahahahaaa. 

Life goes on...  this third dimensional life is swift and short, amusing and amazing.  On to a new chapter.  Have a great week.


Monday, September 05, 2016

Moonstar Lodge Newsletter - September 2016
On this beautiful late summer day I bring you our offerings for the next 3 ½ months…
Gatherings and special events:
1.      Autumn Equinox is being held Sunday, September 25, 1 - 3 PM.  Feel free to bring a snack to share.  We exchange teachings and ceremony. Registration is essential to hold a seat as space is limited.
2.      Bay Studio Tour - Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2 10 AM to 5 PM.  This is our fourth year as part of the tour and we have special guest Monica Ironside joining us.  Check out the Facebook page and website http://www.thebaystudiotour.com for more information.
3.      Midland and District Business Women’s Association Christmas extravaganza - Saturday, November 12 from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Best Western Hotel, Highway 12 and King Street in Midland.  Brian and I will have a booth there.  Check out their website for details http://www.mdbwa.com/events or Facebook page.
4.      Open House - come join us in the studio on Saturday, December 3 or Sunday, December 4 from 10 AM to 5 PM. We’ll have cider, seasonal treats and some discounts.  Brian promises surprise new wood work and art to unveil!
5.      Winter solstice gifting ceremony Sunday, December 18, 1 - 4 PM. Our annual gifting celebration is a most powerful gathering.  It is potluck, and you need to bring a “recycled” object in a plain bag – something which you no longer need and wish to pass on the energy.  This is an opportunity for great spiritual exchange.  For further information email me! Registration is essential to hold a seat as space is limited.
Traditional Spiritualist Séance - join us for our circle on Sunday, October 30, 7 - 10 PM. This is limited to ten participants and the cost is $20.00.  We used to do these regularly in other parts of Ontario but it’s a first for us locally.  Bring a crystal, and an open mind.
Meditation Mondays - as we work toward some Ascension classes in the winter let’s focus on meditation practice.  In this 90 minute group we will start with a gratitude/burden basket exercise, progressing to guided meditation, and concluding with a private introspective time.  This is ten weeks from October 17 to December 19 inclusive, 7 - 8:30 PM. $90.00.  Feel free to bring a mat, pillow or blanket and dress comfortably.
Dowsing Refresher - this is open to students who’ve already taken our dowsing course.  It’s one day Sunday, November 20 from 1 - 4 PM. Please bring your original dowsing notes, pendulums and L rods.  We’ll review and work on technique, asking correct questions and have some fun.  $20.00
Tarot and Divination - this should be prove to be a fun afternoon of learning the differences between tarot decks and regular divination formats.  We will work with various traditional cards and divination types and everyone comes away with a reading.  Seating is limited so register early.  Feel free to bring a snack to share Sunday, October 16, 1 to 4:30 PM.  $25.00. 

Psychospiritual Development - Beginner Level - This is the most popular, intense and exciting of our courses.  Developing psychically and spiritually go hand-in-hand, and happen in a safe (if swift) format.  This is not for the faint-of-heart; you must be ready to try mediumship, trance work, and psychokinetic practices.  The beginner level works at a quick pace through the metaphysical basics to understand the possible paths of spiritual development, and acts as the foundation for the advanced level which focuses only on mediumship, trance work, healing, and meditation practices. Psychospiritual development is THE foundation for every other course we have, and will, ever teach.  It is a directed, formal study of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairolfaction and psychokinesis through a variety of practices: levitation, spirit photography and recordings, learning to see the aura (aurvoyance), apparitions, psychometry, meditation, altered states of consciousness, psychomantium (scrying), out-of-body experiences, karma, phases of spiritual growth, types of spiritual beings and more. Mediumship techniques and channelling are practised weekly. Historic techniques and modern, scientific parameters are studied. This course changes people - be prepared for many new life experiences, and homework! Students are to bring to each class: a binder, pen, any course notes from earlier development groups and PLEASE DO NOT WEAR PERFUME. Do dress comfortably. 80% attendance is required for a certificate. Class size is limited - register early to ensure your space!  Tuesdays Oct, 4 to Nov. 22 inclusive, 7 – 10 PM, $125.00

Psychospiritual Development – Open Level: More channelling, more general exercises and more homework!  This is open to participants who’ve already taken our previous psychospiritual development beginner class.  Students need to dress comfortably, and bring your notes from the first level.   Thursdays October 6 to November 24 inclusive, 7 – 10 PM. $125.00