Sunday, September 17, 2006

Naughty bits...

I threaten my husband all the time that I'm writing about his naughty bits in my blog. Initially I did that because I felt it would encourage him to read the blog... Also because I have written to my girlfriends about all things penile, including measurments, and the technically correct manner for taking such measurements. He caught me making special drawings several years ago, and emailing them.

I horrify my daughter by rolling down the car window and yelling "nice bum" to people walking down the street. I know they can't hear me, but she doesn't know that... Brian locks my window and rolls his eyes... Sometimes I yell about toenails, or testicles, or booty - that kind of thing. I'm teasing them both, because Angeni thinks we're going to get arrested, and she is just on the verge of being old enough that anything her parents do is embarrassing.

He says I'm a silly minister, but he knows I'm just teasing. Did I mention 9.75"? I think another hot spell is coming - whoo hoo!!!

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