Friday, November 10, 2006

Time for a Change

Wow, i changed to Blogger Beta and got offered the opportunity to update my blog design - this is a bit brighter, and I think easier to read in the long run. Fickle female that I can be, this is a bit funky!!

I enjoyed the episode of "Most Haunted" from earlier this evening. I get miffed at the cautiousness of the parapsychologist, and the scaredy-cat, yakkety yak nature of the hostess, but I love the show. I'm sorry however, that the W network changed the Friday night lineup. I miss "Rescue Mediums" and "Ghostly Encounters" in this line-up
. Shows like Medium and Veronica Mars just don't do it for me.

Looking forward to my first weekend off since Labour Day... yippee!!

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