Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tough month

Bob the cat has gone missing for about a week now. He was so funny... I felt his spirit and sensed him for several days, but now I don't. This doesn't bode well for my feline snuggler. Abruptly we are down another pet...

And today, Oct. 12th, it snowed. This is way too early for snow... normally we have an ice storm on or about the 3rd weekend of November, then a little snow for Christmas. It is still almost 3 weeks to Hallowe'en!!!

Angeni is back to normal, but I am not. This has been a long, protracted series of complicated illnesses that have sapped my strength. I need my voice back for a class on Saturday coming up, and I journey next week to the Niagara region. I would like to feel better than a bag of never-washed hockey clothes abandoned behind the rink.

I am looking forward to Saturday, when I teach tea leaf reading. I've never bothered to teach this subject before, because it didn't seem serious, and is considered archaic. Well. the response has been great, so off we go... maybe the tea will make me feel better.

I wish and pray that Bob finds his way back...

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