Monday, October 23, 2006

Divine Intervention

I've worked with angels for years... taught angel courses... provided channelling that included the angels... read angel cards... and depended on them to keep me alive as a child. Angels still manage to surprise and delight me, to honour my walk, and work their magic in the background of my life. They love serendipity, and have shown me where to see it - and that's daily. I can look back at the times of my life where I lost that tenuous thread, and fell into the abyss of depression... and how the angels struggled to help me back on my feet. They help me laugh at things that might seem otherwise too difficult to comprehend. It's called prioritizing - others have named this "not sweating the little stuff - and EVERYTHING is little stuff". Angels allow me to see when I've let the doldrums of daily stuff numb me into unconsciousness; those times when I've become an automaton. I'd rather they jolt me out of it their way, than have something like a momentous car accident jar me to my senses.

I guess my greatest pleasures are these - 1) helping people get to know and connect to their own angels, that they might also experience this joy, and 2) seeing my daughter come to an age where this is happening for her in a conscious, delightful way. I may be here to teach her how to do laundry and bake bannock, but those skills pale by comparison to knowing one's angels.

Life is beautiful. Thanks angels!!

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