Sunday, October 15, 2006

And now for something completely different...

Tea leaf reading went swimmingly - everone got at least 3 readings, including a karmic past life version. I really should have left the karma cup for another, advanced class, but something pushed me to include those notes. Already I've had emails asking when theze people can regroup and continue to evolve their skills. That's gratifying to me, as a teacher. However, I'll not be having another cup of tea for a wee while.

I've shifted into another gear - quilting teacher. This is a trip to the Niagara region slated for Wednesday morning, and I return sometime Friday. If I'm feeling enthusiastic after the class, and the weather allows, I'll try and drive home Thursday night, but that seems too much for me - it is about 4 hours each way. There is a lot of prep for the trunk show I'm giving on Wed. evening for the Niagara Guild, then I teach the medicine blanket workshop all day Thursday. This trip should be just fine, it is the prep and making sure I have every possible thing I'll need to make this work for the students. That means a lot of sorting through buckets and looking for stored materials. These 3 days will be busy, before I even get to Niagara.

Bob was let out late last night, the first time he asked in about 30 hours. With reluctance we let him go, and mercifully he came back in this morning, had some breakfast, and is now fast asleep.

Pooky, on the other hand, appears to be declining. I am sending healing energy to my little friend several times a day, but the coughing is increasing. There is a fine line with healing - sometimes sending energy gives tumours and such an opportunity to grow even faster, which is of course, counter-productive. Other than this nagging cough, she is happy, active and eating, ever on guard for thee. At this point we're looking at miraculous divine intervention, as the vet is keeping her "comfortable". Pooky turns 14 on Oct. 30th...

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