Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Ponderings

It's Friday night... I'm not out dancing or yucking it up at a club... I'm at home cooking for a family gathering tomorrow... I'm cooking things one usually doesn't bring to a "Christmas" dinner, but I'm just the obedient guest... Could be the steam from the dryer, the boiling pasta, the dishwasher or my brain overloading, but a few thoughts have surfaced...
  1. Why does my elderly dog go out of her way to pee on the hardwood floor over all the other (less easy to damage) surfaces? Does hardwood make her think she's peeing on some tree somewhere? Memories?
  2. Why is my other dog Max suddenly afraid of a 2-foot-tall plush penguin? This is after a week of it sitting there... is it possessed or something?
  3. Why is it so hard to get kids in the shower or bath, and once you battle them in there, you can't get them to come out?
  4. Why do I care about the size of the veggies I've diced for pasta salad? Is it a contest?
It's official - I have Holiday-Stupidity-Stress. I've been working for years on trying to avoid burnout from people-pleasing. Ministers are supposed to keep people happy, but it is at the expense of my own sanity at times. So, I quit. No more cooking tonight. I'll measure the carrots tomorrow. Maybe... probably... might not even go to the damn function, but Brian will... okay, enough.

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