Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of School

For once, I was the least tense of all the members of this household, on this, the first day of school... Angeni was overtired and crabby, while Brian was facing a new carpentry/construction contract that requires him to be on very unstable scaffolding. Heights are not his thing (nor mine for that matter). They did their morning routine thing, and I slept in... I functioned like a Beaver Cleaver's mother - no worries except to do laundry, run the dishwasher and prepare a meal. My background business work wasn't going anywhere fast, so I didn't sweat it at all. Well, I did sweat, but because I had an extensive period of fever and gastric distress reminiscent of the 'flu. That was a running experience all weekend (literally and figuratively). Despite feeling ill, it was indeed a wonderful day...

I do have a lot to do this month - finish a portfolio, prepare for a wedding near Fort Erie, and prep a quilt trunk show/class in Fonthill for October. All this, with grant applications and a trip to Toronto to drop off the portfolio and pick up my art objects in Yorkville (I need them for the show in October). I'd love a couple days at a friend's cottage, but I'm not sure that will happen this fall...

Angeni didn't get in with the teacher she was expecting, but instead has a teacher with a grade 3/4 split. She's done a split class for grade 1 and I think that pushed her a little. Angeni is a bright child and needs the additional stimulation.

Everyone is asleep, except me... being Barbara Billingsley for a day was wonderful, but I dare say tomorrow is another day and I'll be back with my ministerial collar and shaman's robe.

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