Thursday, November 02, 2006

Walking in the Garden

Found myself outside, attempting feebly to minister to the dying plants. My husband is picking some of the last calendula today, in the snow, so I can make a batch of calendula skin cream... He'll grab a few violas to put in an available ceramic pot so a few of them can be "rescued" from seasonal death. They may also die inside, from the shock of warmth, but at least I will have tried. Brian doesn't pander to many of my idiosyncrasies, but this is one of them...

Spent the day looking at some updated material on angels... timeless as angels are, research can be current or not, even in the realm of the theological. Found a book I'd bought a year or so, penned by another medium who works in bereavement. It was a day I needed to do many other things, but instead I inhaled the words written. I seldom find written works from mediums who work as I do, and think like I think. This medium's name is George Anderson, and the book is "Walking in the Garden of Souls". We agree on just about everything to do with the intangilble world of spirit, although his methods differ a little from my training. Needless to say, I felt directed to read this book, inspite of the fact it has nothing specific to do with angels... but it does have helpful perspectives on dealing with suicide, accidental death and divorce, so I have some different things to mull over, in my client work this week.

All Souls Day, and I have to channel the spirit of a teenager for his parents. I pray for support and that the connection is clear... Hope you're all having a wonderful spirit time - thre are still another 9 days of the feasts of the dead.

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