Saturday, January 09, 2016

Classes and the journey...

Now that folks are in their post-holiday reality check place, I'm starting to get questions about how one makes the best choices from the courses we offer… I think this is an excellent time to review the larger picture of what we do and why we do it.

I formed Moonstar Lodge initially in 1982 as a way of promoting my solo healing practice and teaching.  I was also teaching craft classes and some management classes through community college in those years.  I found the 2 pathways quite divergent and perfectly suited to the separate parts of my life. However, after taking Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and other more formal healing modalities I decided to merge what I taught into my practice. Becoming a licensed minister in the early 90’s and being conferred Elder status changed everything. The overarching umbrella that is Moonstar Lodge [and ultimately Wolfe Island M├ętis Charitable Association] revolves around "aboriginal arts, spirituality, and education".  All 3 things are part of one continuum. Therefore the courses we teach follow these 3 streams, if you will.

When people ask me about the best course to start them on their journey the #1 thing which applies to all 3 streams is "Psychospiritual Development".  Developing the connection with one's soul/spirit aligns them with their purpose on earth. This course is aimed directly at helping an individual define and improve their intuitive gifts and apply them to all the parts of their life. It is a spiritual icing on the soul cake. So then what's next? It depends on what you want to focus on…

If you are looking at the artist end of it, then I would suggest any of the courses which relate to: quilting, knitting, jewelry, doll/bear making, dream catchers and similar.

If you are more interested in the healing end of the spectrum, I would suggest: crystals, medicine plants, shamanism, ceremonies and rituals, drum making, aboriginal healing practitioner program, dowsing, medicine blankets, wands and similar.

Finally, if it is truly a channeling or spiritual direction, then the psychospiritual development, followed by Angels and finally the dowsing course are important to hone clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairolfaction, and psychokinetic skills. Additionally one can choose to take the courses on regression, soul retrieval and advanced levels of psychospiritual development when you feel ready.

Of course in this continuum many of the courses apply to all 3 streams of endeavour.  I'm happy to discuss individual guidelines with you.

The classes coming up starting next week are:
  1. Dream Catchers - Sunday, January 17, 1 - 4 PM $44
  2. Angels - Saturday January 23 & 30, 1 - 4 PM $75
  3. Quilting a medicine blanket Sundays, January 24 and February 7, 1 - 4 PM $100
  4. Crystal Wands - Saturday, February 13, 1 - 4 PM $44
  5. Shield Making - Sunday, Feb. 21, 1 - 4 PM $44
  6. Drum Making - Saturday, Feb, 20 & 27, 1 - 4 PM  $175.00
  7. Psychospiritual Development - Thursdays, March 3 - May 5, 7 - 9:30 PM $125.00
  8. Medicine Bag - Sunday March 6, 1 - 4 PM $55
There is a gathering to make sacred objects on Saturday, March 26...  it is no charge, but you must register.  More information is available on the website.

We are also starting gatherings on a monthly basis just for the purpose of fellowship in connection with our community members. Visit the website for further information.

I hope this helps clarify how the courses are organized based on the parameters of art, spirituality and education. Registrations are coming in so we hope to see you. Feel free to email Brian or myself if there are questions you need answers to... 

Blessings and have a wonderful week! Kathryn