Monday, June 19, 2006

Summer Solstice

8:26 AM Wednesday, June 21st (DST) we blow into summer... I welcome this beautiful time, hoping the humidity stays at bay. We had a small group attend our annual inipi (or sweatlodge) yesterday, and the feast was awesome. While this may well be our last sweat for quite awhile, we are pleased to see the old traditions carry on.

It is hard to believe that in a week our daughter graduates grade 2. She loves school so much, and misses her friends when the long weeks of summer seem to drag for her... at least it is broken up by daycamp.

As we welcome Shawnodese, coyote trickster, into the medicine wheel on Wednesday, I wish for you growth, joy, illumination and connection with family, in whatever form that takes. Work AND play, take time for rest especially when it is humid, and enjoy Turtle Mother Earth. I look forward to meeting lots of people at the weddings I do, and the gatherings we attend.

Peace be with you all!! Kateri

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