Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas once and again...

We got through our Christmas almost unscathed... the one thing Angeni didn't bargain for was the gift of pneumonia, but there you have it. It meant a trip to the hospital early on Boxing Day. Mind you, that was AFTER a 7 AM jaunt into Zellers in Hanover to get her much-desired game boy. She pooled her Christmas money and earnings to have this, which was successful for her.

Anyway, despite my loathing of Boxing Day materialistic scavenging, we found ourselves back in Hanover, prescription in hand, needing to fight the crowds for the luxury of dealing with the pharmacist. I am grateful there was a pharmacy open. We did find a couple of small things to buy on sale, specifically laundry soap for sensitive skin - that was enough. Two trips to Hanover and one trip to Durham later, we were home before noon.

The new Game Boy was small comfort because being sick, Angeni couldn't visit her godmother in Toronto (originally scheduled from today until Friday). Although Angeni is acclimating well to this new antibiotic, there could always be a reaction and not the thing to saddle Kaaren with... so sadly she has to wait for another school break. Kaaren has enough to handle right now with Kathleen's back being on the outs.

We're all tired. Today we're seeing clients and it is back in the saddle for a couple of days. From there the phone is off the hook and we are doing nothing until after January 2nd. Angeni is home until the 8th and needs our time and attention, and we need to just crash a bit.

My blessings to everyone for a safe and wonderful New Year 2007. I'll post some things to watch out for (in a good way!) in my next posting.

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