Tuesday, October 31, 2006

EST, PSI, ESP and Me

There are some months I generally "like" better than others... I really like August, and it never is 100% clear what the specific appeal is. I know that the humidity is waning, and the days are still lovely and long, but that isn't "it" entirely... There is a push to get in those summer activities and a quieting of my spirit. It's relaxing, I guess.

I don't fancy November most years. My father was born in November, but that bears no relevance... post-summer, pre-winter, and I ache a lot during November. It is too early to be excited about the festive holidays. The yard seems dirty, and my plants die outside - that's a big part of it - not being able to stop the plants dying. It's raw, wet and gritty.

February starts as a dead month, but the energies of the earth start shifting at Valentines Day (which has nothing to do with Valentines Day) and I feel a stirring, the earth awakening. I like that time, and being Pisces that energy shift in early March is a rush. June is a wonderful month - not yet hot, but the plants are in and growing...

I find this first week of November with the return to Eastern Standard Time a difficult adjustment, frankly. This morning I was awake extra early which is very unusual for me... I heard Pooky coughing a lot, which concerned me, and I had to spike Angeni's hair for school, but it is more than this... I don't sleep easily or well during the first part of the night, so my early morning sleep is essential, if I am to function properly. That doesn't happen with the time adjustment. I'm fine with the spring shift to DST.

During this spook time, I notice a lot more EVP with the channelling work. This is Electronic Voice Phenomena - and I welcome the participation of the spirits when channelling for others. But they can leave my car keys on the hook, and my toothbrush in the drawer, and stop ringing the phone for no reason. That comes under the heading of PK, or psychokinesis. My head still hurts from all the weekend channelling - we certainly worked hard for the people here in visitation (both corporeal and non-corporeal).

Another patient arrives, and then we're off to replace the kettle that I shorted out - by looking at it. Oh dear.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Pooky's birthday and Spooks Galore

We're well into the 18 days of the spirit time... lots of wonderful channelled connections with the spirit realm yesterday during Midewiwin. We feasted, did healing work, and talked candidly about death... Our Midewiwin has never lost a member to death, although certainly patients have been in transition - this is very different from the Midewiwin I trained in... the elders were dying off at an incredible rate.

Anyway, I've got Angeni's costume ready for tomorrow night. It took several days to find all the myriad pieces to the psycho Ninja outfit. I enjoy taking her for Halloween - one of the few things with my walking disability that I can do with her. So we'll venture into town and visit the people we know and generally have a silly time. There are people out here in the country who still bake treats and make up hilarious bags of goodies for the kids. I appreciate my neighbours for that...

The Pookster turned 14 today... Her cough is better and she is a happy dog, most of the time sleeping in my desk chair. I hope and pray she has a good winter, my dear old friend.

Blessings to all and have a safe Halloween.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Procrastination Boogey

I have a life-long vice, born of low self-esteem and fear, called "procrastination". It isn't with me all the time, but enough to annoy me. Fear of failing at whatever I plan to do - from creative endeavours to canning - sometimes gets the better of me. This week I'm struggling with some housework, having little energy during the recovery from the various illnesses of late. I have PMS out the yin/yang, and want nothing more than to sit with a heating pad and do some beadwork on my ministerial jacket. But, that nagging SHOULD monster, reminds me that I bought cilantro to make hummus, and not to use it is a waste... And I have a Metis shirt to finish for a friend by Saturday... and I should be making lunch for my hard-working husband... Yet, the laundry is done and needs transferring to the dryer (too cold to hang outside right now, and I'm too tired to hang it even if it was nice)... But we have the house to clean for an all-day session of clients on Saturday, and our shamanic gathering on Sunday. The list goes on... I'm paralyzed into inactivity trying to keep it all straight in my head. My back aches before I lift a handful of wet wash... Sigh. I'll refill my coffee and see if that helps. Sigh. My husband will likely complain when I'm up tonight at midnight trying to get this stuff all done. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Things that go bump in the night, and day, and...

Today, October 25th marks the beginning of an 18-day period where feasts for the dead are celebrated around the world, including my own native culture. Mexican people have celebrations in graveyards, bringing food for the deceased, and performing all-night vigils, as an example for one culture. We in the north also feast in a communal gathering, offering a plate to the ancestors from the feaat goods, and channelling with them for the assembled. The angels aren't forgotten, as the feast "Los Angelitos" is celebrated in this period of 18 days.

From a parapsychological point of view, it is prime spook spotting time - the days are mostly bright, with high pressure, and the nights cold and crisp - this creates an atmosphere conducive to spirits crossing "the veil". I've conducted all of my most famous building analyses during this period - NOT to get the Hallowe'en hype, but because it is more likely we'll have sightings, EVP, PK and such...

I love this time of year... the 18 days ends with veterans' day on Nov. 11th - you don't have to be psychic to be aware of the emotional pall in the air on that day... Many a deceased soldier has made their presence known to me on 11/11. Otherwise, this is a happy time, and the wonderment of reconnecting with departed loved ones never ceases to delight me.

Oct. 25th is the 32nd anniversary of my Nanny's passing - she has come back to me a few times to help over the years, and I honour that... It is also the 25th anniversary of the death of a friend, her daughter and 4-month-old granddaughter after being hit by a transport truck. For some reason, I was supposed to be in that car with Shirley, and didn't want to go - I unplugged my phone and went to bed. She called her daughter, and the rest is history. Why I didn't get the direct message I don't know, except that if I knew she would die, I'd have called her and stopped her trip. If it was her time to go, then I would be interfering with her karma. So she died and I slept. Knowing what I know about the universe and spirit, I can be here without "survivor guilt", althougn from time to time I have that nagging tug. All I know is I was prevented, through divine intervention, from going shopping with Shirley. I honour my ancestors for keeping me safe...

Have a blessed time during the feasts of the dead... honour your departed in whatever way suits you, but do it!! They love having us try to connect. Know that it is as difficult for them to connect with us, as it is for us to connect with them, but it doesn't happen if we don't try!!

Have a safe, and spirit-filled season.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Divine Intervention

I've worked with angels for years... taught angel courses... provided channelling that included the angels... read angel cards... and depended on them to keep me alive as a child. Angels still manage to surprise and delight me, to honour my walk, and work their magic in the background of my life. They love serendipity, and have shown me where to see it - and that's daily. I can look back at the times of my life where I lost that tenuous thread, and fell into the abyss of depression... and how the angels struggled to help me back on my feet. They help me laugh at things that might seem otherwise too difficult to comprehend. It's called prioritizing - others have named this "not sweating the little stuff - and EVERYTHING is little stuff". Angels allow me to see when I've let the doldrums of daily stuff numb me into unconsciousness; those times when I've become an automaton. I'd rather they jolt me out of it their way, than have something like a momentous car accident jar me to my senses.

I guess my greatest pleasures are these - 1) helping people get to know and connect to their own angels, that they might also experience this joy, and 2) seeing my daughter come to an age where this is happening for her in a conscious, delightful way. I may be here to teach her how to do laundry and bake bannock, but those skills pale by comparison to knowing one's angels.

Life is beautiful. Thanks angels!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Niagara and nasal nastiness....

Still struggling with my sinus infection - more than half way through the antiobiotics and they are doing nothing... so things are worse, not better. Sigh. This is going for 4 weeks now...

I managed the Niagara trip, fevers and all. I was about 40 km north of the devastation that hit Fort Erie and Port Colborne... still a lot of trees down. My heartfelt sympathies go to those in Buffalo who still do not have hydro, even today!!!

Anyway, the events at the quilt guild went swimmingly. Despite the heat of the auditorium, I did the trunk show. It was supposed to be 45 minutes and went over time, even with an abbreviated show. It seemed to be well-received. The workshop in Fonthill had 6 registrants, but one lady was away having surgery. There were two guild assistants at the workshop, so it was cozy and intimate. I chose to drive home on Thursday, despite being in rush hour on the 406/403 and in a downpour. The weather improved as I got home, making driving safer.

It is a beautiful weekend... my husband is being barn maintenance guy, Angeni is harvesting medicine flowers, and I'm in a mood to cook. A quality family time!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Medical care in Ontario

I resist going to the doctor at the best of times... I will "wait until tomorrow" several days until the crisis eventually abates. It inevitably means that if the issue is something I can't deal with herbally, then I suffer longer than most, due to my resistance. Is it ego? No... Is it fear? No... In fact it is the terrible logistics involved in getting care in the first place... We were here 6 years before there was a doctor to transfer to (and before we're talking a 200 km round trip to Guelph, plus parking and meals, and a whole day). When I called for an appointment for Angeni with pneumonia 3 weeks ago, I was put off 24 hours, and the doctor asked why I didn't get her in sooner? Ask your receptionist, doc.

This morning, at 8:30 AM I phoned to ask for that appointment I so dread making. I told the nurse I have developed a sinus infection... My choices - see my doctor on FRIDAY (this is Monday) or see the Doctor on call, at the same clinic, at 10:30 AM this morning. We've had to utlize the doctor on call as many times as we've managed to see our doctor, in the 20 months we've had him in Durham... Blame the doctor shortage? Sure... Blame the whole system of universal healthcare? Maybe. Continuity of care is broken when one is getting whatever doctor is available. This isn't like I'm having a life-threatening issue, but it is serious enough for me to seek care after 13 months of steering clear. Last time it took me 10 days to get seen for a bowel obstruction - 5 days because of me putting it off as "the 'flu", and 5 days just waiting for an appointment. What if I'd required surgery?

Can you tell I'm frustrated?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

And now for something completely different...

Tea leaf reading went swimmingly - everone got at least 3 readings, including a karmic past life version. I really should have left the karma cup for another, advanced class, but something pushed me to include those notes. Already I've had emails asking when theze people can regroup and continue to evolve their skills. That's gratifying to me, as a teacher. However, I'll not be having another cup of tea for a wee while.

I've shifted into another gear - quilting teacher. This is a trip to the Niagara region slated for Wednesday morning, and I return sometime Friday. If I'm feeling enthusiastic after the class, and the weather allows, I'll try and drive home Thursday night, but that seems too much for me - it is about 4 hours each way. There is a lot of prep for the trunk show I'm giving on Wed. evening for the Niagara Guild, then I teach the medicine blanket workshop all day Thursday. This trip should be just fine, it is the prep and making sure I have every possible thing I'll need to make this work for the students. That means a lot of sorting through buckets and looking for stored materials. These 3 days will be busy, before I even get to Niagara.

Bob was let out late last night, the first time he asked in about 30 hours. With reluctance we let him go, and mercifully he came back in this morning, had some breakfast, and is now fast asleep.

Pooky, on the other hand, appears to be declining. I am sending healing energy to my little friend several times a day, but the coughing is increasing. There is a fine line with healing - sometimes sending energy gives tumours and such an opportunity to grow even faster, which is of course, counter-productive. Other than this nagging cough, she is happy, active and eating, ever on guard for thee. At this point we're looking at miraculous divine intervention, as the vet is keeping her "comfortable". Pooky turns 14 on Oct. 30th...

Friday, October 13, 2006

And the cat came back...

The Bob has returned... Brian heard him mewling behind some bales of hay, as if Bob was caught in the wall... Carried to the house, he ate like a feline asphalt demolisher and has gone for a catnap. His communications were spotty and difficult, but he kept trying.

Angeni is thrilled... The Momma Kat is ecstatic... and Dad the Rescue Hero is the man of the hour...

Brian will be the first to complain when Bob wakes him up at 3 AM to go back out, but Bob is the cat who joins him in shamanic journeys... perhaps there is a soft spot there.

The spirit of the house sparkles again.

Snow and underwear...

Can't believe the constancy of the snow... Mercifully it isn't staying on the ground but the winds are high and the house is cold. No sign of Bob - I put it out to the universe that he is welcome to come and get warm. He visited me in the hypnopompic state this morning, rolling over on his back and being his usual friendly self, although the energy was in a dimensional shift. We'll contact more of the neighbours on nearby farms and let them know Bob may have headed their way... However, his vision suggests he's in the dreamtime. Blessings to my hairy friend, wherever you are...

I'm sorry the Liberal leadership race has such wishy-washy, unsavoury characters vying for party leadership. Now they're fighting about which candidate, and indeed which party, is anti-Israel. I wish they would stick to Canadian agendas, at least for the duration of the election, so that we understand what their respective national policies are... I would like a Liberal leader with the strength of Jean Chretien, and the charisma of Paul Martin, so that Stephen "Mr. Mysogyny" Harper gets booted from power. Harper's policies are simply archaic and regressive. I fear for women and children in this country, especially if you are a single woman of colour, with children, over 45 years old. He is trouble.

Why mention underwear in the title? Well... getting the house ready for the tea leaf reading class tomorrow, I stumbled upon a pair of my underwear on the sacred object table... Methinks Starr found himself this trophy in the laundry basket, and proceded to show us how wonderfully he can decorate the lodge.

Never a dull moment, here in the winter wonderland of Varney.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tough month

Bob the cat has gone missing for about a week now. He was so funny... I felt his spirit and sensed him for several days, but now I don't. This doesn't bode well for my feline snuggler. Abruptly we are down another pet...

And today, Oct. 12th, it snowed. This is way too early for snow... normally we have an ice storm on or about the 3rd weekend of November, then a little snow for Christmas. It is still almost 3 weeks to Hallowe'en!!!

Angeni is back to normal, but I am not. This has been a long, protracted series of complicated illnesses that have sapped my strength. I need my voice back for a class on Saturday coming up, and I journey next week to the Niagara region. I would like to feel better than a bag of never-washed hockey clothes abandoned behind the rink.

I am looking forward to Saturday, when I teach tea leaf reading. I've never bothered to teach this subject before, because it didn't seem serious, and is considered archaic. Well. the response has been great, so off we go... maybe the tea will make me feel better.

I wish and pray that Bob finds his way back...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Does this ever end?

It's 4:12 AM Durham time, and I've just ended a relationship with a cup of Neo-Citran. My husband was a party to this clandestine rendezvous... having brought us together a mere hour ago - and lies beside me, even as I write, oblivious to the post-nasal drip afterglow of bronchial bliss.

It all started with Bob, I'm ashamed to say... Bob (the cat) popped in around 9 PM, but felt he had to blow this pop stand around 2 AM... I was just having a quick washroom blitz and heard the mournful wails of my feline snuggler. This got Super Starr going, and I woke Brian. All 4 dogs had to help Daddy let the cat out, and escort said feline into the trees... and while they were out, it was expedient to use that time to whiz and bark at falling leaves.

Despite the cacophony, Mr. Bill (another cat) decides to come in... visit with me lovingly... but bolt at the sound of cat crunchies filling his bowl. Once sated, Bill asked to go out, which lasted less than a minute. One boiled kettle later, Brian (aka the good knight) returned with my cup of Neo-Citran only to discover that he may have left Pooky outside... downstairs he goes, upstairs he comes, groaning. Max is pawing at the empty water dish. Dutifully the grumpy knight fills the cannister and comes back to bed. All this upstairs/downstairs mayhem takes 20 minutes.

We're all settled again - Brian is snoring, Nonny Cat has gone downstairs, Pooky rests in my office chair, and the large dogs are all asleep. I started this, and I end this midnight rendezvous. Oh, but first another tissue...