Tuesday, August 18, 2020

New Moon of Setting Sun Woman

Here we are at August 18th already!  The new moon flies in at 10:41 PM and the grandmother is called "Setting Sun Woman".  We say goodbye and miigwetch to "She Who Heals"...   you can view the link here: 



The days are getting noticably shorter, and the overarching high humidity and excessive heat is behind us...  there's still lots of time for the beach, and the waters take on heat through until about Thanksgiving weekend.  I love this month and look forward to lot's more time in the flower garden.




Monday, August 03, 2020

Happy full moon in August!  It's an Aquarius full moon...  hang on to your hats!  The link is here:


We will make a video available later this week about the medicine wheel - what it means and how we use it.  I decided on this based on questions from people who are unfamiliar with the interpretations.  It's all good...

We are at the midpoint of summer on August 5th and just celebrated Lughnasadh (Lammas) on August 1st.  This is the first harvest....  It's important to celebrate these accomplishments - gardening is arduous and we don't survive without food! 

I am very aware of how a sense of "pandemic fatigue" has set in with people.  It's also important to applaud the little signs of improvement, like parks opening and municipal/provincial/federal services becoming available again.  I'm also aware of how conflicted people feel - tired of the pandemic, the line-ups, social distancing and such, but conflicted by fear that opening schools and having gatherings is happening "too soon".  It's important to be kind right now, and not let the pandemic fatigue override compassion.  This applies to other people and also ourselves.  Everything seems to take more time, so surrender to this and make allowances at all levels: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  

As always, be the peace you wish to see in the world...  until next time.  Kathryn