Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Wild full moon in perigee and lunar eclipse!\


No one enjoys being in a fearful place… Few people enjoy facing the unknown.  But we are in the beginnings of eclipse season with this full moon in perigee tomorrow.  The larger picture implication is that we've had four perigee full moons – this one tomorrow being the fourth in a row.  What is it perigee moon?  The orbit of the moon is an ellipse.  Therefore, at times it is much closer to the earth than other times.  So, the past four lunar cycles it has been extremely close to the earth, meaning it has a very strong pull on the tides, on the fluids in our body, and on the energies which surround us.  It's the kind of energies from which we derive the term "lunacy".

Full moons with eclipses demonstrate to us how vulnerable we are at times exposing our shadow self.  So the shadow comes to light in an eclipse and the energies are so close and so extreme, we cannot ignore it.

Thus, we are having a ceremony at 7 PM on Tuesday , May 25.  If you wish to receive an invitation to log in, you must email me at moonstar@moonstarlodge.com and I will respond with the invitation.  The full moon actually is at its zenith tomorrow morning, May 26 at 7:13 AM EDT.

If you plan to attend this online meeting it would be advisable to have with you whatever ceremonial objects you might possess, and a candle.  We'll be discussing individual rituals you can do tomorrow on your own as well as  collectively; we will be doing a safe release ritual since much of the energies around this lunar eclipse have to do with karma.

Saturn, which is the planet of karma and lessons, is retrograde for the next five months in the sign of Aquarius.  This is a time of karmic rebalancing.  What you do during this time can project you forward in many of your goals, but you will need to have the self-discipline to follow through the lessons that come during this time.  It's difficult, but the payoff will be worth it.

Mercury goes retrograde on May 30, but you have to remember there is a 10 day shadow,  prior to the actual retrograde, so we've been in this shadow with these other building energies since May 20.  Mercury retrograde's typically impact miscommunications, technological issues, and delays.  This one is square Neptune which adds another sense of illusion into the mix.  Illusion creates confusion and exacerbates fear.  This might make it difficult to trust what others say and we may all see an increase in propaganda, conspiracy theories or fraud bubbling to the surface.

Back to the scary stuff – this eclipse will heighten emotions and increase intuition.  This might seem scary, but it's meant to help you navigate the waters of these retrogrades – allow yourself to be guided by your intuition and your heart.  During this time we don't need to fear this... In indigenous culture, this Moon cycle is called Flowers Moon, and other astrological aficionados call it the Blood Moon, and yet others call it the "honey Moon" because of the emergence of bees working to make things sweet.

To conclude, it can be a sweet Moon cycle.  We just have to be proactive and not passive...Enjoy the video...

Blessings, Kathryn and Brian

Monday, May 10, 2021