Sunday, July 30, 2006

Copyrighting Healing Traditions

I was appalled to receive a letter asking me to stop teaching Therapeutic Touch, and to remove all mention of it from my website. It seems, the TT Network of Ontario felt it should copyright - yes I mean that - the words "therapeutic touch" to prevent non-members from practicing or teaching this healing art. Do I smell fascism? Whatever I smell, it is rotten - what if the Spiritualist Church slapped a copyright on "Laying-on-hands"? What if everyone who practiced Reiki in the world, whose traditions are passed from teacher to student like a sensei in Martial Arts - what would happen then?

Frankly, this sneaky use of the law should not be allowed to apply to those who have graduated and begun practise prior to the Network imposing a copyright. This presently constitutes something akin to "restraint of trade". Worse, it infringes on nurses who work in hospitals and are not Network members. The aboriginal community also has some interesting perspectives on this act, given that the founder of TT - Dolores Krieger - acknowledges that this practise is based on ancient healing techniques. For those healers in Ontario who feel helpless, help is at hand - I cannot be specific in this forum, however. For information, contact me.

I cannot believe, as a minister, that we would ever come to the point in this society, that the healing of pain needed a membership and adherence to copyright.

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