Friday, May 26, 2006

The Last Weekend in May

Yikes!! I can hardly fathom how quickly this month is flying by!! Working on a CV for my art portfolio, doing beadwork on a quilt (and reworking the hem to decide I liked it better the way it was), and trying to prepare for our shamanic gathering on the weekend. Wow... Poor Brian has spent a frustrating day worrying about and trying to fix a tap set in the trailer we have for use by guests. He is very fussy about everything being pristine, and that is only ethical. The trailer is show-room beautiful... but his endeavours today were like a bad episode of Murphy's Plumbing Law, and he made 5 trips into town for parts. Here's hoping it goes together for him - he has never struggled with plumbing like this before...

Our daughter has 4 weeks left of school, and it is only 3 weeks until our sacred inipi (sweatlodge) to honour summer solstice and National Aboriginal Day. And next week another trip to Toronto with finished quilts and artwork, and that much anticipated portfolio to be handed in... and an artisans conference. Exciting busy times, and this is the last weekend in May... eeeekkk!!!

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