Monday, October 30, 2006

Pooky's birthday and Spooks Galore

We're well into the 18 days of the spirit time... lots of wonderful channelled connections with the spirit realm yesterday during Midewiwin. We feasted, did healing work, and talked candidly about death... Our Midewiwin has never lost a member to death, although certainly patients have been in transition - this is very different from the Midewiwin I trained in... the elders were dying off at an incredible rate.

Anyway, I've got Angeni's costume ready for tomorrow night. It took several days to find all the myriad pieces to the psycho Ninja outfit. I enjoy taking her for Halloween - one of the few things with my walking disability that I can do with her. So we'll venture into town and visit the people we know and generally have a silly time. There are people out here in the country who still bake treats and make up hilarious bags of goodies for the kids. I appreciate my neighbours for that...

The Pookster turned 14 today... Her cough is better and she is a happy dog, most of the time sleeping in my desk chair. I hope and pray she has a good winter, my dear old friend.

Blessings to all and have a safe Halloween.

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