Saturday, May 06, 2006

Learning for Life

Seems we've been meeting a lot of stressed parents concerned about the progress their kids are making in school... the critical watershed seems to be for those young ones between grades one and three. The more they get behind their peers at this junior level, the greater the chance for permanent failure by highschool. The skills and discipline needed for completion of homework and projects seem rooted in confidence and self-esteem. I never thought I'd hear myself do this, but I've actually begun streaming parents to private tutor companies. Like teaching our own child to drive a car, attempting to give kids primary level education needs to be left with experts. How we were taught and assessed has evolved into a more complex set of variables and markers.

We simply need to be supportive parents, nurturing the small learning steps, fostering successes, and building self-esteem in our charges - this is no different from the encouragement and support we give a small baby learning to take their first few steps. It means writing a cheque once a week, but our kids need this more than some of the other activities we're willing to spend money on...

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