Sunday, May 21, 2006

Long Weekend Misery

Well, perhaps a bit overstated - the only thing awful about this weekend has been the weather - I didn't need to see wet snow this morning, threatening my just-planted violas and pansies. I originally hoped would have more of the medicine wheel garden dug out by now, as we donated many of the plants to Port Nelson Church, but due to the foul weather there are still plenty waiting to be transplanted... As aboriginal traditionalists, we don't plant in the 4th quarter of a moon cycle. Rather, we wait for water/earth signs in the first through third quarters. So, Brian will continue building raised bed containers to transplant the remainder of my circle garden plants after new moon (next week).

Last summer we decided to deactivate the 50' diameter medicine circle in favour of raised beds for a few reasons: a) our high altitude makes for a windy clime with a shorter growing season; b) raised beds allow me to garden, as I cannot get on my knees; and c) the new raised beds are nearer watering resources. It was too hot last summer, and we were unable to water, so much of our crops were decimated. Apparently we are in for another scorcher of a summer.

We managed to alter the front steps, and place some additional patio stones, levelling the walking area on the approach to the house, and Brian moved our planters to the west side of the porch, which I planted. He's made that area much nicer to look at... some of the clustering giant american mint and lemon balm will fill the spaces between the barrels so that will pretty up the approach to the house from the driveway.

I commented on a terribly cold long weekend in a previous blog entry, stating that we had an icy long weekend, and that this year was weeks ahead of schedule. Well, it is a month ahead of schedule until this past week, when it became rainy and colder. Perhaps, like gas, this too shall pass... Anyway, lots of work accomplished and tomorrow is a family day, whatever comes - hopefully laced with some sunshine!!!

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