Monday, May 15, 2006

Only the Shadow Knows...

Can't say I'm happy doing a lot of confrontation of shadow issues. To teach the subject one has to face the shadow dance - every good facilitator knows that. Hopefully every good facilitator does that many times in the course of a career... well I've been dancing with shadow a lot lately, and not caring for how easily my toes get stepped on. My shadow has shown me that A)I don't handle disappointment well; B)I can be excessively perfectionistic in some parts of my life, and downright slovenly in others; C)I am more short-tempered than I would care to accept; and D) I can squash self-esteem (my own and others) with a few well-placed crashing words. Not attributes that I am proud of, to be sure.

Carl Jung identified that the shadow doesn't go away, is a wonderful repository of information and learning, and needs to be dealt with - never hidden. To ignore shadow gives it fuel. I have struggled with this nearly 30 years, personally and professionally, and I still need dance lessons. Unfortunately for my husband, his shadow issues mirror mine - we don't explode well together. Tonight, facing a trip to get my art professionally photographed early in the morning, pieces are missing. This is not a happy household.

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