Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Quilting Madness

Today's musings relate to an old reel we saw in health class called "reefer madness", (or something similar), about the evils of marijauna... Even the most innocent Gr.7 pupil recognized propaganda. Well, I have quilting madness... trying to get quilts done for a deadline that is increasingly arbitrary and completely movable, if I get my head wrapped around joyfulness, and less about panic.

Artificial pressure on myself doesn't help creative process - my patients and students have heard that lecture over the years. We create our reality, and while I work best with the pressure of a deadline, I need to have compassion for myself within the process. Like a diet - let's call it lifetime food plan - let's have reasonableness and not give up if we falter the first time.

Unrealistic expectations are crazy-making.

So, to help me be compassionate with myself, and just plain reasonable, I took a cue from Brian and helped him reorganize the sewing room. It has become so cluttered with show materials, spun yarn, capote fabric, and more, that I couldn't move in there. Removing buckets and bags of unneeded materials to the storage area has lightened up the space and calmed me. A little personal tidying (that only I can do) will allow me to be finished tomorrow afternoon, after the morning clients. I can start backing and quilting the tops I've chosen from my stash. All are aboriginal (native North American) themed, in keeping with the section of the guild shop I'm contributing to in June.

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