Friday, February 16, 2007

Surprise! Another Snow Day

Angeni is off school today - she's been to school 5 days out of a possible 12 so far this month. Oh well, although she's not happy about missing the ski trip this morning, the highways are closed, and she has some cold comfort knowing it will be rescheduled next week... at least there was skating yesterday... We had planned to go up to Sauble Beach to see my sister sometime this weekend, but it looks like that is postponed as well. Brian was up to the barn and ploughing the yard before I stumbled out of bed - it was nice to snuggle under warm covers for an extra hour or so.

I'm meeting some wonderful First Nations people on MySpace - it is good to chat with one's own kind, so to speak. We've initiated contact, but not much back-and-forth yet because of my schedule working on documents this week. I have housework to do today, in case they open the roads and our clients arrive tomorrow. Housework is not my "best thing" although I appreciate a clean home, just hate doing it... Brian was supposed to be in Flesherton today, doing some carpentry, but with the roads closed he can't go - so he can help with the housework (he always does the heavy stuff for me, God/dess love him).

Keep toasty warm!!

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