Thursday, February 22, 2007


I'm not one for magazines much... a friend gave me a recent edition of Chatelaine which left me feeling like I had ADHD or similar - the busy-ness of the pages and lack of depth to the articles left me wanting for something different. When advertisers are supporting certain products discussed in articles, I fail to see the objectivity of that article - like when I wrote for a national magazine the length of the article was severely cropped to make room for the supporting ads, unless of course, I wanted to buy space for the article - what? No way...

So when Angeni comes home with school programs for magazine sales, I cringe... I hate this form of school support at the best of times... pennies from every carton of lunch milk, bits from every pizza slice sold, and could we just donate stuff for the yard and bake sales? How about a poinsettia? I digress, so back to the magazines...

I do have my Canadian Quilters Quarterly, and the doll artist quarterly which come because I am a member of each organization. For the last 3 years my friend Phil has gifted me a subscription to "Threads" magazine, because I sew - all very nice. But, I've been looking for some others:

"Canadian Oriental Pig Decorating"
"Ontario Pork and Fly"
"Skid Steer Digest"
"Waffles I Have Known Quarterly"
"Wood Boring Insects of Labrador"
"Latin Algorhythmic Toning"
They must be out of those titles at Mac's... I've got the munchies something terrible today.... not sure what that's about. I think this is the dementia of PMS...

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