Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Snowy Weekend

So we've had a bright, but snowy weekend. Angeni has suffered a bit of cabin fever, and I managed to catch up on some sleep, after a Saturday of seeing clients... Tonight we are watching a bit of Monty Python, to have a laugh, and finish our quiet Sunday, although Brian did a carpentry out call which had to be postponed from Friday, the snow day... Tomorrow it is back to regular routines, and I hope Angeni makes it to school - there is more snow forecast overnight. However if she needs to stay home, so be it - it is that time of year to be safe.

I've noted that even some of my learned spiritual peers still get bummed out by winter weather - not because of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) but because they can't do what they think they should be able to do... We have to remember that fighting mother nature in winter is pure folly, and can result in death. It is the quiet, introspective time of the medicine wheel, when we are supposed to craft, fix costumes, repair/replace our sacred objects and reflect on self. Avoiding that reflection time can be an avoidance of shadow. We can miss messages from the grandmothers - in fact this weekend we entered the moon of Weighs the Truth. Damned right - this is my birth moon, and I have been forced to wax reflective, which is tough for someone with Pisces Sun, and Pisces Moon... when I don't face my reflection I don't venture my moccasins on a better part of my path.

I don't enjoy the cold. I don't like the shortened daylight. I miss the flowers big time... but I respect the yin and yang of the wheel - for everything there is a season. Keep warm...

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