Thursday, February 08, 2007

Psycho Oven Strikes Again

On the blustery winter day, I thought I'd bake some nice cinnamon buns... the dough has been rising for a couple days, and slathered with all good things. It went in the oven with supper for 25 minutes, baked at the required temperature, but 20 minutes less that suggested. Even with being rotated, the buns are burnt on the bottom. But only burnt on one corner of the pan and toward the middle. They look fine on top. I'm stymied...

Angeni will have been in school a grand total of one whole day this week. At the end of that day (Wednesday) Brian was called to retrieve her because the roads had been closed and the bus couldn't get her to us. The winds are wild and the snow blowing, so we're just going to keep her home tomorrow. Today we had a visit with the doctor over her chest infection, and she was put on a puffer, in addition to having an x-ray, and finishing all her antibiotic. She will be on this puffer for a month. Ever fibre of my being resists this form of steroid-based medicine, but I have to get her well - I'm not so jaded or biased that I can't embrace this form of allopathy. I hope for her sake she feels better soon.

We're dealing with someone who recently had a terrible car accident. He lives, and though his physical injuries were minor, the soul pain has been great. Shock still radiates off his body. We've been working with him on "the way of right relationship", the need to be still with oneself, and not "keeping busy". When we don't face our feelings we are afraid of ourselves. When we avoid our feelings to please others, we fear abandonment - what we do in reality is abandon ourselves. I see this so often, but in this case it could have meant death for our friend and the other driver. It may still cost him his driver's license. A terrible lesson indeed.

Keep cozy in the deep freeze!

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