Sunday, March 22, 2015

You just never know...

A strange end to a wonderful "Spring Break" week.  Started last Saturday cleaning the house extensively (basically did spring cleaning for 4 days) in anticipation of the arrival of cousins Brent and Ann from Guelph.  Also on Saturday Angeni set up a huge drum kit in the office - she's never played drums and the band is going to Nationals in early May!  The four-leggeds are not fans of loud percussion - neither is my ticker...  Saturday night was a rolicking channeling class.

Angeni did her camp counselling job in Wyebridge aall week, and steadily developed a quite  nasty cold.   Ann and Brent arrived and we did a bit of sightseeing...  there were some wonderful meals and good chats.  Even the dogs behaved... well sort of... We bid our guests "Adieu" on Saturday.  Angeni was supposed to go to Comic-Con on Saturday but that fell through.  Actually that was probably a good thing  because she was getting very ill...  Class number 3 Saturday night was amazing.  Zener cards, special dice and psychometry.  Fun!

Finally we come to today.  Brian awakens with cardiac issues.  We spent the day in hospital and just arrived back home tonight at 11 P.M.  He's  been very diligent about the diet, the meds - everything except daily exercise.  So he feels lucky to have pulled through this one.  There are tests and things yet this week, but the bottom line is he had to lose 25 pounds and walk 30 minutes every day to build heart strength and stamina. Despite the hospital visit when we came home there was still the weekly garbage to get ready to put out in the morning. The drum set must be hauled out to the van and returned to the school first thing.

Anyway I am grateful for all the blessings this week, especially Brian's positive outcome from this major health scare.  Life is strange and good.  Cheers!

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