Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spooks in Motion

I am so stoked about the latest Psychospiritual Development class - for a number of reasons.  I've been teaching this topic for a very long time (nearly 40 years).  For a good 30 years I've occasionally added resources to the teaching notes, but I've not had to update the material completely until the last few years. I just did a massive re-write for this class, adding terminology and descriptions of cutting- edge technology. The massive escalation within technology has really raised the bar.  Gone are the days we had a hand-held thermometer, flashlight, film-based camera and tape recorder.  (If you were lucky you had access to a Faraday cage.)  Now there are Mel meters, SB-11 "Spirit boxes", Frank's boxes, laser grids, ovulus boxes, motion sensing kinetic viewers, trifield meters, infra-red, and the list goes on...  We can use our computers to filter out the noises in EVP's and hear the words spoken.  ITC (instrumental transcommunication) was a huge deal in the 1970's and 80's with the work of Metascience and the "Spiricom" machine.  Current technology totally eclipses Spiricom. Technology helps eliminate fraud and reduces the guesswork of field analysis.   I'm so grateful to be around watching the emergence of this field I love so much...

And yet...  the more things change, the more things stay the same.  I was channeling for someone the other night, alone in the house.  I worked with the client over Skype and we had quite a session.  Just a few minutes after,  I heard the studio door open.  The bells on the door jangled loudly and the dogs went ballistic.  I called out to see if if was Brian returning - no answer, and the door slammed shut hard, very hard.  Was the person in the house or gone? I freaked, calling out that I had already dialed 911.  Not hearing footsteps, I called on guardian angels and headed into the studio.  As I entered I smelled cherry pipe tobacco.  The only person I knew who smoked this tobacco was my grandpa Pigeon.  I checked the door and indeed it was unlocked, to my dismay.  I scoured the studio, checked for thefts, and went into my storeroom (formerly the garage).  No flesh-and-blood person.  This bothered me all the next day.  I finally asked Brian to dowse: he determined it was a spirit, wandering in, attracted to the fact I was channeling.  My grandpa stopped the intrusion.  The issue?  I had not closed the circle after being with my client on Skype!

Wow, did I feel stupid.  No tech in the world replaces the protocols associated with the acts of mediumship.  1t could have been 1865 instead of 2015.  My experience would have easily been prevented if I'd practiced what I preach to students: when you open a circle, CLOSE it, so the spirits know your boundaries!  It's a big lesson I shared with the class last night.  Keeps me humble!

Anyway, I'm delighted to have family coming to visit us this week, for the first time.  Angeni is working all week as a camp counselor, and we're spring cleaning in anticipation of the visitors.  Growing up we did not interact much with cousins, even though we all lived in Guelph.  Now, in our golden years we're changing that paradigm.  Gotta love family. 

Have a wonderful spring break! Blessings.

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