Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hospitals - the other side of the bedpan

That's twice in once wintery month...  the local hospital was needed by both of us. Working in a hospital as long as I did in the 70's and 80's I'm fairly confident about the intake issues and access to care.  I don't like dealing with a doctor I don't know at all, however.  There is nothing better than a relationship built on respect and trust. Well whatever.  The bone infection is being treated and I should feel much better in a few short days.  I was benused by the self-intake process (two brand new machines - like keyboards - one already broken)... I still had to review all the information with a clerk and produce more than one kind of identification.  This is counter-intuitive and a sad statement on the past abuses of our healthcare system.

Brian is doing much better after his cardiac care adventure.  It's going to take until June to get all the follow-up tests requisitioned by the doctor who treated him.  At least all of this information goes back to the family doctor.  As difficult as it is to get in to see him, at least there is that relationship of trust building a foundation.  While we both hate going to the hospital or the doctor, now that I sit on the patient side of the bedpan, I am grateful for good care.

Angeni has a summer job lined up, and that's a bit of awesome news.  As we enter April, I am amazed that there are only about 10 weeks left in this school year.  Harder still is the idea that in 5 months she enters her final year of highschool.  I remember watching Brian walk with her to the school bus, when, having barely turned 4, she needed help getting up the school bus stairs.  As she stands on the cusp of adulthood I marvel.  How time flies - she was bareely out of diapers and here she is all grown up. Driving a car is next...  then in 17 months she's off to either college or university.  She would argue that soon we'll need diapers. (Sigh)

How time flies, and how important it is to stay healthy, vital and grateful.  Peace and blessings.

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